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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 22th July 2022 Win 2000 Pay Balance Contest – Daily Answer the Questions and Win Exciting Prizes every day at Amazon quizzes at the Funzone section in the amazon’s app – Do you rate yourself high when it comes to general awareness? Does it take you a fraction of a second to tap the right option and grab the next bonus point? Amazon Quiz is the right place for you! With an Amazon Daily quiz and a marvelous chance to win the exciting gifts, you have the chance to put your general awareness knowledge to the real test.

If you have been wondering how to proceed with the quiz, keep reading further. The article deals with covering everything about Amazon Quiz Answers today for the question they ask every day and hearing about it for the first time? Well, you might just get glued to playing the quiz after reading this article.

Amazon Quizzes Answers Today & win exciting prizes every day

Amazon Quiz Answers today daily

Update: Amazon Daily Quiz will Start @ 8AM in the Morning

Amazon Daily Quizzes Questions & Answers

JaisalmerJaisalmerJaisalmerJaisalmerJaisalmerJaisalmerJaisalmer Name of the Quiz Amazon Daily Quiz
Quiz By (Conducting)Amazon India (App only)
When Quiz Start (Time)8:00 AM
When Quiz Ends (Time)11:59 PM
Quiz Date22th July 2022
No. of participantsNo Limit
Winners Announcement On22th July 2022, 12:00 AM

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 22nd July 2022: Win ₹2,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1 : Who won the women’s singles title at the recently concluded All England Badminton Championships?

The answer is: Akane Yamaguchi

Question 2: The movie ‘Attack’ shows which Bollywood actor playing the role of a ‘super soldier’?

The answer is: John Abraham

Question 3: Which platform recently bagged the rights to be the exclusive ticketing partner for IPL 2022?

The answer is: TicketGenie

Question 4: Where is this company headquartered?

The answer is: Los Gatos

Question 5: Name this animal

The answer is: Tapir

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 20th july 2022 Win ₹10000  Pay Balance

Question 1: The Davis Cup 2021 was won by which country?

Answer:- Russia

Question 2 : Which word was named’s word of the year 2021?

Answer:- Allyship

Question 3 : Authored by Dinyar Patel, complete the title of this book: “Naoroji: Pioneer of Indian _“.

Answer: Nationalism

Question 4 : Who is the founder of this company, that started out as a watch brand in 1984?

Answer: Xerxes Desai

Question 5 : Physician Johann Freiherr von Mikulicz-Radecki created primitive versions of these for what in 1897?

Answer: Surgery

What Is Amazon Daily Quiz All About?

Started in the year 2017 by Amazon, the quiz gives the player a chance to be the lucky winner for gift hampers. The examination has gained popularity only recently. The quiz is not available on the web browser. To play the quiz, you need to download the mobile application Fun zone by

Every morning at 8 am, the quiz starts. You can also check out the answers before answering the quiz by searching Amazon Quiz Answers Today, to ensure that all your answers are right. The quiz remains life for four hours, before getting inactive. Unlike what many ponder, the Amazon Quiz is not based on first come first served. There is no such rule that only the first ones to answer the quiz have a better chance of winning. The quiz format is multiple choice questions, wherein you can select the best answer from the five given questions.

The ones who select the right answers are further set for the lucky draw; wherein, they have an equal probability of emerging as winners. The competition ends for you, any time you choose the wrong answer in the Amazon Quiz. Amazon also holds unique quizzes to mark special events like Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day.

Understanding more about Amazon Funzone

Understanding more about Amazon Funzone is essential before you start with the Amazon Daily Quiz. The application, which runs on your smartphone only, has a host of games to play from. But this is the popular contest, out of the lot. With gifts ranging from electronic goods to exclusive cashback vouchers, you have an excellent chance to grab the best offers! With the exciting offer to win fantastic gift hampers every day, why would anyone not want to play Amazon Quiz?

There is no fixed gift hamper on winning the quiz. You can win different gifts on different days. Since there is no particular gift selected, it increases the chances and the excitement of winning the best product! We cannot say the probability of winning the Amazon Daily Quiz since the number of participants is never revealed. Yet, we can safely assume that there is very stiff competition.

Why? With more than100 a million Amazon users in India, with close to10 a million users being subscribers of Amazon Prime, as per RedSeer, the Indian user base of Amazon accounts for a significant chunk. Even if we assume that 3% of the Indian subscribers are loyal to playing the Amazon Quiz daily, every user is competing with 3 million users per quiz. The number defines the chances of winning the competition. But you need not be discouraged as you can avail the Amazon Win Quiz Answers easily. Based on that, you can have more correct answers, thus increasing your chances of winning the Amazon Daily Quiz.

Are there any eligibility criteria for enrolling in the gameplay?

Some specific rules and regulations need to be followed if you wish to be eligible for the game. Being a resident of India, you need to change the App’s settings, such that you keep the country of residence as India.

With a valid ID proof of your age and your residential status, you need to be above 18, to participate in Amazon Daily Quiz.

The valid ID proof can be your PAN Card or Voter ID or Driving License.

What makes you ineligible for participating in the Amazon quizzes?

  • Being an employee of the relative of an Amazon employee
  • Being an Amazon affiliate and an advertisement agency

It is suggested to have a billing address within India, as it might be needed for future coordination.

What’s up for grabs in the Amazon Quiz today?

Amazon wants to spice things up for the users and the players. You find no similar presents on two consecutive days. With the wide variety of vouchers at play, you can grab exciting gifts by answering the right answers.

In general, the prizes are not in the lower price range. Instead, you can avail of the awards at a higher capacity, like smartphones starting from Rs 25,000, Samsung Galaxy Watch, and cashback offers.

Questions about the authenticity of the competition

Many have raised questions related to the authenticity of the competition. Whether it is just another marketing gimmick to increase the number of people latched on to their app, trying to increase the traffic, or declaring winners is a cause of concern.

To combat this, Amazon has started to declare the winners’ names along with personal details. Every Time you log in and start playing the competition, you are asked permission to share the elements as well!

On platforms like Reddit, many have raised doubts. Though there is no clarity about the real picture of winners, few have shared their stories online.

Recently, few users on Quora have affirmed the authenticity of the Amazon Daily Quiz. They have posted answers about their journey of victory in the game. Moreover, they have also claimed to receive cashback worth Rs 6,000 after winning the competition.

There is still an air of authenticity, and we don’t confirm anything about the same. Since the game doesn’t warrant any investment from your end, why not give it a try!

Are the Amazon Quiz winners selected on a lucky draw basis?

The mode of selection of winners is not very complicated. Based on a random automated algorithm, the winner from the pool is selected. Now, the main question is how to be a part of that pool? The answer is pretty simple: By answering all Amazon Win Question Answers correctly. for correct answers, you search in google Today’s Amazon Daily Quizzes Answers Dealsmagnet

As you answer the questions correctly, you will move on to the next round, wherein all the candidates who answered correctly will be clubbed. The winner is selected randomly from these candidates, which is why we call it “Lucky Winner.”

Though there is sheer luck that you need on your side, we urge you not to lose heart if you don’t come out to be the winner once.

Trying every day gives you an edge since you also improve your general knowledge in the process. The winners of the quiz are announced on the same day, within a few hours of the competition’s culmination.

You can check out the list of winners on the Amazon site. The winners are also communicated through mail and message.

How do Amazon Quiz winners receive their prize?

After you have won the Amazon Daily Quiz, you might be wondering what is the process to avail the prize. You might try reaching out to Amazon Services along with attaching the screenshot of your victory as proof. But Amazon mostly deposits the Amazon Pay amount to your wallet. Moreover, if you have won any electronic goods, it makes sure that you receive it at your doorstep!

So, you need not worry at all, regarding how you shall receive the gift! Let us not forget, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform currently, with enormous control over distribution channels! So, your presents shall not be stuck at all!

What is the most common mistake everyone is doing in Amazon Daily Quiz?

To win the competition, you must stay consistent. Consistency is the key. One of the most common mistakes by people is that they lose heart very soon. It is to be understood that the quiz declares its winners based on a lucky draw. There are no strict criteria for getting it, so if you have not won it today, you must give it a try tomorrow.

With more than 100 M downloads of the application, even assuming that three crores of them play daily, your chances of winning are very slim!

Yet, losing heart is often not the best thing to do! What’s the other mistake? Not completing the quiz!

If you don’t complete the quiz on Amazon, you don’t stand a chance to win the quiz. Amazon doesn’t evaluate the incomplete quizzes, mainly due to the immense competition it gets easier to assess the completed quizzes only.

So, a word of advice, be consistent and complete the quizzes to avail coolest gift hampers!

Get Amazon Quiz Answers Today online.

If you are not that comfortable with the general awareness or don’t want to risk your chances of winning it Amazon Quiz, you can always seek help online! Just Type this one on Google search bar ‘Amazon Quiz Answers today Vidyanidhi

Some many users and websites share the answer online. The quiz starts at 8 AM and ends at 12 PM. But, if you are stuck on any question, don’t hesitate to check out the answers released daily. Most of the released solutions are correct, giving you a real chance to get the gift hamper! You can also check out the right answers to the quiz from YouTube. YouTube has several users who upload the answers daily.

Ensure you double-check your answers before submitting them since there is no time limit or limit on the number of attempts while offering it. The right way for presenting the solutions is no difficult task. As you download the play store application on your Android phone, attend the quiz by clicking on the Quiz Time banner. You can also check out the sliding menu in the application to find out the examination. As the quiz window opens, click on the right answers. Make sure that you score 100%.

As you answer all the questions correctly, it is time for you to submit your answer and wait for the winner’s declaration. It generally takes one day to respond to the results. Stay aware of the messages and mail as the winners are mostly intimated over these two channels!

If you like the quiz, don’t forget to share the quiz with your friends and family since it multiplies the game’s happiness and fun!

What are the steps to follow for playing the Amazon Daily Quizzes?

Playing the Amazon Quiz is no rocket science. Instead, you can play and win exciting prizes just by following the simple steps:

  1. Use the Google Play store to install the Amazon application on your smartphone.
  2. Create a new account or sign in with the details of your existing account.
  3. After logging into the app, make sure to search for “Funzone” where you can play the quiz.
  4. There is a list of results that you will get. Make sure to select the first one, which says about winning prizes.
  5. It is best to download and enter the quiz from 8 am -12 pm in the application.
  6. There will be a Daily Quiz banner. Make sure to select it by tapping on it for entering into the quiz.
  7. You can check the prize up for grabs in the daily quiz.
  8. Select on Start Game, to enter into the gameplay.
  9. There will be questions displayed along with four options. Select only one right answer from the given options.

After you have completed solving the five questions correctly, you become eligible for being a part of the lucky draw competition.

You can share the quiz with your friends and enjoy other games, on the last screen.

The game can be made more exciting once you share it with your friends and family. If you have multiple accounts, you increase your chances of winning the game as well.

There are specific cool hacks that you might use that will help you to gain an edge.

Though these tricks won’t disqualify you from the game, yet they might help you to gain an edge:

  • Before you answer the quiz, make sure to search about Amazon Quiz Answers Today tophunt, as it will help you know about the quiz answers beforehand.
  • Prepare yourself well for the quiz. Sitting in an idle room, in a calm ambience is cordial for your state of mind.
  • Always stay updated with the latest affairs. It will help you to answer quicker, thus giving you an edge over others as well.
  • If you have a few buddies, you can also seek help from them during the quiz. It is always helpful to have your friends play along with you in the game!
  • Finally, don’t give up on hope. If you are not the winner today, make sure you come back and try again tomorrow!

Success stories of Amazon Daily Quizzes Winners

There have been multiple success stories of Amazon Quiz. If you have been in doubt about the genuineness of the quiz, this article will help you to know some of the real stories:

A student, name withheld, has confirmed that he has won prize money, an undisclosed amount, from Amazon Quiz. As per him, his success strategy was to stay updated about current affairs. Having a solid base of general knowledge has helped him to win the prize money. Being a student from a reputed college, it allowed him to gain an edge over other participants.

Amazon Daily Quiz Winner Testimonial

Another success story is of Parvez Ahmed. He has claimed to have won a hefty prize amount of Rs 1 Lakh from Amazon Daily Quiz. With the post-tax deduction, his prize money is worth Rs 70,000. As per him, the only strategy which worked for him was consistency. Currently, he is making videos on YouTube, teaching others about how to ace online games.

Amazon Quiz Winners feedback

People have claimed to have won gift hampers like electronic goods, mobile handsets, and many more, after playing through Amazon Daily Quiz.

Amazon shares its list of winners every day, at the end of the quiz. The winners are contacted over mail asking for further information.

Let us look at what details you must have ready with yourself!

Details needed post winning the Amazon’s Daily Quiz.

Post winning the quiz, you must have the following details with yourself:

  1. Proof of residency that states that you are a resident of India.
  2. A guarantee that you are 18+.
  3. Not having any close relationship with any of the Amazon employee.
  4. PAN Card for the income tax purpose of TDS.
  5. Shipping details and contact details along with the DL which is an address proof for you!

How is the amount credited to your account? Amazon Pay Balance

If you have won the cash prize, you must be clear that you will not be getting any cash transferred to your bank account.

Amazon Daily Quiz winners are awarded the cash prize by refilling their Amazon Pay Wallet. You might be paid in multiples of Rs 35,000, depending on the amount you have won.

Your Amazon Pay wallet will be recharged by the amount won. You can spend the amount across any gifts and products over the Amazon portal only!

There will be a deduction of gift tax on the amount which you win. You can check the balance received by you in the Amazon Pay wallet. All you need is to log in using the login credentials and check the account statement.

The account statement mostly consists of a word like ‘Added Amazon Pay Balance Gift Card’ which refers to a gift card that has been issued to you.

Now, comes another question. Is the gift card valid for a lifetime? Let us check!

The validity of the Amazon Daily Quiz Prize money

If you have thought that this Winning Prize money can be used even three years from now, well, we would like to burst your bubble. The amount received needs to be encashed within one year from the date of receipt If the amount is not encashed, you run the risk of defaulting on the money received, thus, in other words, you might lose the entire amount.

You can purchase a host of gifting items at zero cost! Precisely This is why Amazon’s Daily Quiz is gaining all the popularity recently, making it a must-try game for every youth out here! You have won the Amazon Quiz. Can you beat the quizzes once again?

Well, first of all, congratulations on winning it the first time. Understanding the considerable competition and luck’s dependence, it is great to be one in a million! As you enjoy the prize and gift voucher, we would also like to say that you must give it a second try.

Amazon has not clearly stated its terms about having a person win twice, but that must not dissuade you from trying again! None of the policies of Amazon shares that there cannot be two winners. Not even a single participant has complained about the same as well!

So, why should you not give it a second try as well? Make sure you keep the strategy the same! As we know, many contestants are giving their best, and you need to ensure that you also encourage your relatives to take part in this game.

It increases the chances of winning the game and earning some cool gift hampers and cash prizes!

Bottom line

Take Daily Amazon Quiz like any other gaming application on the play store. Play it, enjoy it, but don’t get too much invested in it. All the best for the everyday Amazon Daily Quiz!