Amazon Spin and win Quiz Answer

Amazon Spin and Win Quiz Answer the e-commerce giant, Amazon, is leaving no stone unturned to gain more users to its network. As for any e-commerce website, having more users means having more dominance over the competitors. Amazon Spin and Win Game is one such online game released online that lets you win exciting prizes. The game is not just limited to the Prime members, but even the non-prime subscribers can win exciting prizes from the game.

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Amazon Daily Spin and Win Quiz Answer 20 JANUARY

Question: How many sides does a square have?

Answer: 4

Amazon Daily spin and win quiz answers August 11th

  1. Launched in 2022, the largest warship ever built for the royal navy of UK is named after whom? Answer: Queen Elizabeth
  2. Pulitzer Prize 2022 gave a special citation to which young woman who took out her cellphone to record the killing of George Floyd? Answer: Darnella Frazier
  3. A recently discovered frog species found in the Andes Mountains has been named after which famous band? Answer: Led Zeppelin
  4. What was the nickname of the German fighter pilot who became famous for flying a plane like this in World War I? Answer: Red Baron
  5. This dance form originated from which country? Answer: Spain

Amazon daily spin and win quiz answer August 11th (win prices up to ₹1,00,000 worth)

  1. How many sides does a square have? Answer: 4

Amazon Spin and Wind Quiz Answers

Play the Amazon Spin and Win Answers Today and have a chance to win some of the exciting hampers from Amazon. There is a list of prizes that are up for grabs, starting from recharge in the Amazon Pay Wallet to winning real cash!
So, what are you waiting for? This article talks about the coolest ways to play this game and keep winning bumper prizes!

Where can we play the Amazon Spin and Win?

Amazon Spin and Win Quiz Answer
Amazon Spin and win Wheel Game

If you have been excited and are looking for the platform on which this game can be played, all you have to do is have a smartphone! You can also play the game on the PC/Laptop for a better experience.

● While you are using the smartphone, download the application Amazon App from the play store.
● Register your details, if you don’t have an account on Amazon. You can also log-in using the login credentials of Google mail.

Employing these steps, you can keep your Amazon app ready, for the game to be played using the smartphone.
If you are using the desktop, you might have to go to the Amazon website and register on the website, either using your Gmail Id or by creating an account. Once you log in to the account, you are now ready to play the game.

How to play Amazon Spin and Win?

Playing Amazon Spin and Win is no rocket science. If you are using the smartphone, after downloading the Amazon application, you need to go to the home menu.

Search for the game on the home screen. It might have a tagline like Spin and Win Excellent Goodies, which you have to look out for while skimming through the app.

Now, click on the game to start playing. You might see two options. If you have not played the game before, learn how to play the game by selecting the ‘How to Play’ option.

Check the terms and conditions before playing the game.

The spin wheel is further segmented into 6 or 7 quarters, which have either the gift hamper’s name written on them or further instructions. As you spin the wheel, it gets stuck at the pointer after losing its momentum.

To spin the wheel, all you need to do is swipe on the screen in any single direction with some force. As the wheel rests near the pointer, the gift hamper which is present under the pointer can be your gift prize.

You need not feel disappointed if you get the message as ‘better luck next time. ‘Make sure you spin the wheel again and hope for the best.

Claiming the prize won in the Amazon Spin and Win Wheel game

Congratulations on standing a chance to win the prize! Now, the next step is to claim the prize and bring it home.
If you have won the prize in monetary terms, they mostly get credited into your Amazon wallet. But, if you have won gift hampers, the way of checking it out is a bit different.

Click on the ‘Claim your Prize’ button present below the wheel. It leads you to a new window, where you need to answer a few follow-up questions.

You need not worry, as the questions are not checking any skills as such. Simple questions are asked, to simply verify whether you are a human being or not. Some of the sample questions are:

● Number of colors present in a rainbow
● Summation of 3 and 7

As you click on the right answers, you have a chance to win the gift hamper by entering into the lucky draw contest. The results of the lucky draw are released every day, and you have the exciting opportunity to win excellent prizes.

In case of winning cash prizes, the amount gets directly credited to your wallet. Thus, your next purchase will be cheaper, as you can avail yourself of the discount from the wallet.

Is the Amazon Spin and Win Quiz game real or fake?

Amazon has a list of games for its users to play and win exciting prizes. Many have already won exciting gifts till now. One of the users on Quora claimed to have won Rs 10,000 as Amazon Pay balance, just by spinning the wheel.

How to check the list of Amazon Spin and Win winners?

As you play the game, you might have to wait for a few days before getting the result. But, where will you be able to check the results?

Open your web browser and search for ‘Amazon Spin and Win Winner Announcement’. Click on the first link of the Google search results.

As you enter the website of the winner’s list, you need to select the month for which you are searching. Selecting the month and type of contest will make searching for the winners simpler.

In the dropdown list, look for the name of the contest and the winners of the contest. The name of the winners will be declared, and you can also check the product which is won by them.

So, not only is the game authentic, but its winners are winning some exciting prizes. Kickstart your gaming season now and grab some of the best prizes this summer!

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