6 Best Squid Game Apps – Red Light Green Light Games

Best Squid Game Apps Red Light Green Light Games for android and ios – If you’re using social media almost as much as everyone else is, there’s no chance that you’d have missed out on stories and posts suggesting how good the Korean drama Squid Game is and why it is a highly recommended series. It has now emerged as the most-watched series on Netflix, with the craze rising so fast that even mobile games on similar lines are now available on Android and iOS. So, what are these apps based on the Squid Game, and which ones are actually worth your time, let’s find out?

Best Squid Game Apps for Android and iOS – Red Light Green Light Games

Squid Game App for android and ios

1. Roblox Squid Game

As per users who have already tried it, the Roblox app provides the most genuine experience of the surreal Squid Game, as we know it. Graphically, the game may not have as much traction as the series itself, but the experience will surely make you feel the uncanny resemblance between the on-screen portrayal and the virtual world.

To offer a nearly authentic Squid Game experience to users, the Roblox version has several different challenges or games. So, players get to recreate the challenges that were seen in the series in a virtual environment through dedicated modules. For instance, there’s a module titled Red Light, Green Light EPISODE 5!, which is all about the challenges like Tug of War, Green Light, Red Light, Honey Comb, etc.

2. Squid Game Challenge

Another amazing app that is fast gaining popularity among Squid Game fanatics is named Squid Game Challenge. Again, like the version released by Roblox, this one also has different challenges and stages which are on the lines of those seen in the series itself. The Squid Game Challenge app has been developed and Supercent is currently available on both the Android App Store and iOS. Challenges like red light, green light, marbles, honeycomb maze, etc., among others, are also present in the Squid Game Challenge app.

Even the glass Stepping Stones challenge is also part of the game where players have to jump and walk on glass bridges which may either be built with tempered glass or regular sturdy glass. If the player eventually lands on the tempered glass zone, the bridge will break and the player will die.

3. Squid Games- The Game

Based on the same premise where one has to outplay their competitors to win challenges and succeed in the Squid Game, this app is particularly limited to only one level or challenge. The red light green light challenge is the one that you get to play. The rules are pretty simple. You will have to monitor the red and green lights alternatively. When the lights are green, you have to run while as soon as they turn red you’ll have to stop. Those who are unable to stop in time are out of the game, rather they are dead.

4. Adventure Game: Squid Game 3D

Produced by Dev SquidGame and available on the Google Play store, the Adventure Game: Squid Game 3D is again similar to the one that we discussed before, as even this one offers only a single challenge game as of now. However, the 3D graphics add a big difference here. Besides, as per the app description on the Google Play Store, the app developer is soon going to add brand new levels and push in updates to bring new props content and situations. The rules are the same, one has to move when the light is green and stop when it turns red. Follow the head of your chosen character and play the game accordingly.

5. Squid Game App By Podscriptom

This one is about the highest-rated Speed game versions on the Google Play Store right now, developed by Podscriptom. The game comprises six mini-games or levels where different challenges are posed in front of the player. The challenges are:

  • RedLight, Green Light
  • Sugar Honeycombs
  • Tug-of-war
  • Marbles
  • Glass Stepping Stones
  • The Squid Game

Even though it is described as only a fan-based replication and nothing directly related to the series itself, the users are enjoying the gaming experience, getting a feel of the same challenges as the characters in the game did.

6. Squid Game Quiz

The Squid Game Quiz is much different from the other childhood games and apps that we have mentioned so far primarily because it is a trivia game. The questions in this quiz game are based on important moments of the Netflix series and may even be about individual characters. For instance, you can be asked to tell the number written on the costume of any of their actors or may even be asked specific questions about every game or challenge. The game is a fun way to cater to your curiosities related to this incredibly popular series. It can even turn out to be a source of exclusive trivia for many.

Conclusion of Red Light Green Light Game

As the director, Hwang Dong-hyuk himself
says, the series is a story about losers. But certainly, the series as a whole has emerged as a winner that has not only garnered colossal viewership but also significant amounts of critical acclaim. For a story that had no takers for almost 10 years, reaching a point where even representative games made on the same lines are a hit among viewers is a great achievement in itself. The popular children’s games and apps based on the Squid Game series are available on iOS and Android phones and are currently being enjoyed by millions all over the world.

A Brief Overview

The series starts off with the main lead Seong Gi-hun, played by Lee Jung Jae in prime focus. Gi-hun is a divorced man living with a daughter and his mother. The mother works and her meagre income and savings are the only money that the family depends on. Finally, the tables turn and he gets hold of some serious money, but only to be pickpocketed later and getting in trouble with some debt collectors. To woo away the trouble, he has to pay the amount as asked by the collectors otherwise he would have to give up his organs in return.

Gi-hun meets a suited gentleman the same night at the subway who proposes the idea of playing a simple game, which if he ends up winning would get him $10, 000 instantly while on losing the man would get to slap him hard. After a few losses, Gi-hun wins a game and takes home the $10, 000. It is then that the man hands over a card to him with a number written on it and an offer to join a game that would change his life entirely.

It later turns out that there were a total of 456 people, including North Korean refugees, all heavily indebted and coming from different walks of life. The rules of the contest were simple. The one winner would get the prize money of ₩45.6 billion while whoever loses will face a death penalty at every stage. The entire series revolves around how Seong Gi-hun partners with other players and tackles the deadly twists and turns of the game.


What app is squid game on?

Squid Game is a world-renowned South Korean series produced by and available on Netflix. The Netflix series has now become the most-watched show on the platform. The series has also inspired several different types of apps that are increasingly becoming popular among Squid Game fans.

Which app is best for the game?

Roblox is a platform where the Squid Game online version is available with multiple challenges. Similarly, the Squid Game Challenge is also a great way to enjoy the game and get a feel of the challenges like the RedLight, Green Light, Sugar Honeycombs, Tug-of-war, etc.

What is the best free game app?

Thousands of free game apps are now available both on Android and iOS today. Among these, apps like Another Eden, Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Pokemon Go, Rebel Inc, Pocket City, Alto’s Odyssey are considered the best ones.

Which app is best to download games?

There are both free and paid options to download games. Google Play for instance is the best Android app to install games. Similarly, apps like Handango, Slide Me, Android Games Room, etc., can be tried to download and play games.

Which is the No 1 mobile game in the world?

PUBG mobile is clearly the No 1 mobile game in the world today. A game that is loved and enjoyed in almost 100 countries today, PUBG introduced the genre of Battle Royale games too so many users are now hooked onto it permanently.

Is there a Squid Game?

To enjoy the experience of the Squid Game, viewers can try various apps on Android and iOS where the challenges seen in the series are replicated and you as a player get to take the feel in a virtual environment. You can even find a Squid Game APK online.

Is Squid Game scary?

Squid Game by Netflix is not a horror series as such, but being quite creepy and unsettling on the whole definitely makes it scary for kids. Otherwise, it may or may not have that kind of an impact on everybody.

Is Squid Game a real game in Korea?

The writer and director of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk says that every challenge in the Squid Game is developed from simple games that children in Korea very commonly play. However, the rules and penalties are a dramatized element that does not happen in South Korea as such.

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