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BGMI Redeem Code Today 2022 – The Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is an online multiplayer game, enjoyed by many. The Battle Royale-style gameplay is available only in India, exclusive to players here. The multiplayer video game is available for iOS and Android users.

Following the ban of the popular PUBG mobile in India, the Battlegrounds Mobile India is built with unique features and has its own management system. There are several awards and offers the game offers its players as well.

Players can avail of the Royale Pass that comes with a bunch of outfits and seasonal gun skin and merchandise that help get free UC open accomplish missions and reach tiers. If you’re looking to get free rewards, there’s an Events section where you can click on the 5M Downloads Gift option and claim rewards including but not limited to:

BGMI Redeem Code Today 2022 Dec

BGMI UC Redeem Code Today

Here are coupons codes for you to check and copy to the game and avail of several extras. With the launch, it’s been made possible for you to retail and continue the rewards and profile information from your PUBG Mobile application.

These BGMI redeem codes offer several advantages and serve various purposes like redemption and awards. The details about these features and their specifications can be found on the BGMI official website and enhance the gaming experience of the mobile applications, both from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. From collecting rewards and getting free UC to availing of silver coins, the BGMI redemption code is redeemable for profits.

BGMI UC Redeem Codes for December 2022

BGMI Redemption Codes for Godzilla vs Kong

BGMI Redeem Codes Today 4 january 2022

LEVKIN2QPCZRacer Set (Gold)
DKJU9GTDSM1000 Silver Fragments
EKJONARKJORedeem code for First (5000 Users) M416 Gun Skins
TQIZBZ76FMotor Vehicle Skin
TIFZBHZK4ALegendary Outfit
RNUZBZ9QQRandom Outfit
KARZBZYTRSkin (KAR98 Sniper)
ZADROT5QLHPStealth Brigade Set
BBKTZEZET3Leo Set Legendary Outfit
TIFZBHZK4ALegendary Outfit
BBKRZBZBF9Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
BBVNZBZ4M9Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity
DKJU5LMBPYFree Silver Fragments
MIDASBUYGet a free rename card & room card

BGMI Royale Pass

  • Royale Pass 1: 3 Supply Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 3: 5 RP Vouchers
  • Royale Pass 5: Rating Protection Card- single use only
  • Royale Pass 6: 2 Classic Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 7: 1000 BP 
  • Royale Pass 9: Use of Heart Emote
  • Royale Pass 10: Mission Card
  • Royale Pass 11: Supply Crate Coupon Scrap
  • Royale Pass 13: 5 RP Vouchers
  • Royale Pass 15: Use of Flex Muscles Emote
  • Royale Pass 16: 2 Classic Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 17: 1000 BP
  • Royale Pass 19: Use of Like It Emote
  • Royale Pass 20: 30 Silver
  • Royale Pass 21: 3 Supply Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 23: 5 RP Vouchers
  • Royale Pass 25: Rating Protection Card- single use only
  • Royale Pass 26: 3 Classic Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 27: 1000 BP
  • Royale Pass 29: 15 Silver
  • Royale Pass 30: Scarab Totem Parachute
  • Royale Pass 31: 3 Supply Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 33: 2 EXP Cards- 1-hour use each
  • Royale Pass 35: 30 Silver
  • Royale Pass 36: Classic Crate Coupon 
  • Royale Pass 37: 1000 BP
  • Royale Pass 39: 15 Silver
  • Royale Pass 40: 3 Classic Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 41: 5 Supply Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 43: 2 BP Cards- 1-hour use each
  • Royale Pass 45: AlienSkin for UMP45
  • Royale Pass 46: 4 Classic Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 47: 1000 BP
  • Royale Pass 49: 15 Silver
  • Royale Pass 50: Rating Protection Card- single use only
  • Royale Pass 51: 5 Supply Crate Coupons
  • Royale Pass 53: 2 EXP Cards- 1-hour use each 
  • Royale Pass 55: 5 Classic Crate Coupons 
  • Royale Pass 57: 1000 BP
  • Royale Pass 59: 15 Silver
  • Royale Pass 60: 10 Classic Crate Coupons


It is essential that Indian users take part in pre-registration to get their respective rewards, be it silver, UC, or any gun skin. The Battleground Mobile India app developer provides for the exciting awards and is the only official setters of the same.

For both new users looking to customize the BGMI app with extra features, new skins, and costumes, and existing users who want to add more to their collection, this 100% guaranteed, latest BGMI redeem code gives you all that you need.

The pre-registration process for the PUBG BGMI version began in May of 2022. The registration is open now for all interested users and gamers after the ban of the original PUBG mobile redeem code in the September of 2020. No other game or alternative sprouted satisfied fans who immediately fell in love with the familiarity BGMI provided.

The Indian partnership with Now Krafton facilitated a comeback for the sought out PUBG game, pleasing several gamers across the nation. With registration beginning on 18th May 2022, the rebranding kg the BGMI has a number of updates regarding the in-app purchases, design, and additions of skins.

The open maps are also getting interesting updates after the approval from the Indian government. BGMI is to take care of any privacy and safety concerns of Indian users including the data and privacy with a less gory version of the killing. The extent of bloodshed and the visuals will be much more pleasant with the blood color being green. The game will continue to have a lot of tournaments which directly contributes to the increase in popularity of the mobile battle Royale across the country.

Everyone that wants to claim their coupon codes needs to be registered while the iOS users who pre-register are told to have special rewards to be claimed when it finally launches for their operating system.

How To Get Rewards for BGMI Game

Everyone already registered should be able to get their win, no problem noted. But if you haven’t been a part of the pre-registration for the BGMI Battle Royale the free skins, UCs, silver, and other awards are not available to you. So to manually claim such rewards, the codes mentioned will help you get more redemption and other attractive gifts and rewards.

This is one smart way for players to get more features like skins for outfits, guns, vehicle skins, and masks, hats, and other such merchandise in the app without having to spend your own money or credit on in-app purchases for boosts.  The BGMI codes can do the job for you and also get you a bane change card.

Another way for users to get such offers and features is by playing the game events. By finishing missions and events within the game, you can get awards and other additional stuff to use while playing the game and boost your gameplay.

Why You Should Redeem BGMI Codes Today

With millions of pre-registered players and current existing users availing of the free features and skin without spending cash, the Battleground Mobile India redeems code and redemption code are great options to help level the playing field.

Owing to the popularity and demand of the BGMI free redeem code, they keep refreshing and changing regularly. Many codes come into circulation every single day and you can keep track of all the attractive offers to be availed online and for free here. The code list is updated as and when new codes come pouring in to assist all BGMI players across the country to get the awesome skin options and rewards.

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How To Redeem BGMI Coupon codes Process 

  • Open the official website for Battleground Mobile India- Navigate to the BGMI redemption center web page on the site.
  • After the firm for the redemption opens up on the page, fill in the necessary details including BGMI ID, the Redeem Code you have for use, the Verification code- captcha in their respective fields precisely. 
  • Be careful with the numbers and don’t mess them up. Once you check the details entered and are ready to collect your rewards, click on the Redeem button at the bottom of the form.
  • There will be a pop-up prompt for you right after you click on Redeem to confirm all the details entered. Verify all codes and IDs entered and click on the OK given below.
  • Once you finish the process, you should see the features reflected in your account very soon after which you can enjoy them during gameplay.
Battlegrounds Mobile India Online Game

Battlegrounds Mobile India – Online Game

Game Name Battlegrounds Mobile India
Initial release date:2 July 2022
Genre:Battle royale game
Mode:Multiplayer video game
Platforms:Android, iOS

Frequently Asked Questions About UC Reedem Code

How do I redeem BGMI codes?

Visit the official Battlegrounds Mobile Battle Royale India website and find the BGMI Code Redemption Center. Fill in the required details, including your BGMI ID, the coupon codes you have, and the captcha. Check all the entered details and click on Redeem and then OK. You can now wait till the rewards reflect in your account, which should take a short while.

How do you get a free Royal Pass in BGMI?

Fins the Events section on the official BGMI website. Click on the 5M Downloads Gift there and claim rewards. These will be shown in your inventory and can get you Crate Coupons, BP, cards, emotes, Vouchers, etc…

How do you get free UC in BGMI?

Open the app from your Android or iOS device and open the game lobby. Find the Events tab in the lobby and look for in-game milestone events. Here, you can find the free rewards by simply clicking on the events you’ve finished and also find the Permanent Galaxy outfit as well. The Google Opinion Rewards, Giveaway, and custom rooms or tournaments offer free UC on the BGMI app.

How does redeem code work in BGMI?

For users who missed pre-registration, you need to pay for some features, outfits, and skins. But now the UC Redeem code for BGMI gives you a free chance to get these. These are put into circulation by the Battlegrounds app only and can be redeemed on the official website.

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