PUBG BGMI 1.6 Update Download Link, Patch Notes, APK

PUBG BGMI 1.6 Update APK Download Link, Patch Notes:- The invention of smartphones has revolutionized the way humans are engaging with the world and one another. The performance capabilities of smartphones have made it easy to run and play games that need good graphics and high RAM. The gaming experience on smart devices has become phenomenal. Thus, we see so many complex and interesting gams being developed for mobile platforms.

PUBG is one of the best mobile games that have the largest player base. It is an online multiplayer battle game which is developed by Krafton, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean video game company. PUBG MOBILE delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. It is an amazing game as it has a large number of maps and game modes to play.

Moreover, it can also be played in Solo, Duo, and Squad gaming modes. Because of these unbeatable features, PUBG’s gaming experience is impeccable. Thus, this game has created a huge player base within a few months of its launch.

PUBG BGMI 1.6 Update Download APK /Patch Notes

PUBG BGMI 1.6 Update download apk patch
PUBG BGMI 1.6 Latest Updated Version

PUBG Mobile has released a brand-new update, the PUBG BGMI 1.6.0 version. This new version is also called the Chef’s Special. Along with this release, the global version of the PUBG mobile game will also be released. According to the official reports, some of the enhancements and feature improvements that you might get to see in the updated version are:

  • Quad bike: This 2-seater bike will be available in Miramar Map. This bike has can run at a speed of 110 km/hr in the forward direction. Its reverse direction speed can go up to 56 km/hr.
  • Returning Maps/Modes: The game modes designed by PUBG creators have been received very well by the players. Some of the game modes which were discontinued in older PUBG versions will be brought back to this new 1.6.0 game version. Some of these maps and gaming modes are:
    • Vikendi
    • Metro Royale: reunion
    • Titans: Last Stand
    • Survive Till Dawn
    • Payload 2.0
    • Infection Mode
    • Runic Power
    • VS AI
    • Show Route Option
    • Capture Highlight
  • In-game spaceship: This is another treasure for massive loot. If you find a spaceship in the sky, you can stand under, press the functions, and enter it to collect the loots.
  • Welcome screen: A new welcome screen with a floating octagonal spaceship has been designed for this new version.
  • Orange market locations: These are locations in maps where you can find additional loot items with extensive damaging power.
  • Flora Menace game mode: In this pub game mode Yarilo, an alien plant invades Erangel. It creates the Rejuvenation Barrier after absorbing special energy. The Rejuvenation Barrier has healing powers. The Cell Matrix, a giant spaceship goes out of control. The players have to conduct an investigation and reclaim energy in the cell matrix.

In addition to these new features some experience improvements that the players get to see in the game are:

  1. Playoffs have been added to All-Talent Championship. The teams that didn’t qualify for the Finals will have a chance to participate in these playoffs.
  2. Cycle 1 Season 2 has amazing effects, better rewards, and thoughtful features.
  3. Display effects, basic controls, and Emote performance have been improved.

All-in-all the PUBG mobile update version 1.6.0 is one of the biggest updates coming to this game.

Download PUBG 1.6 update Global Version

PUBG Mobile 1.6 is available for download starting September 14, 2021. Players can download the PUBG mobile 1.6 beta version by using the APK file available on its official website. You won’t need a separate OBB file to complete the download and installation. The 1.6.0 version update is compatible with both android and IOS devices. You can follow the below step-by-step process to download the latest version:

  • Connect your device to a good Wi-Fi network connection.
  • Visit the official website page of the PUBG battlegrounds mobile India.
  • Click on the install from an unknown source option on the mobile device before downloading the APK. The APK file is 1.1 GB in size, so ensure that you have enough space on your mobile to store it during installation.
  • After installing the APK file move to the OBB file. In an Android device you can find the file in Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile.
  • Once the installation is complete the players can re-launch the PUBG mobile version and login to the new mobile update.
  • Delete the APK file from the Downloads folder on your device.

The update will also be available on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store on Android devices. We always recommend downloading the game from its official resources. If you are unable to download the new game version from its official website/resources, then you can use some third-party links as well. Use any of the download links below as per your discretion:


PUBG lovers have been anxiously waiting for the latest 1.6.0 version update of the game. Now that it’s here, you might be excited to play it with your friends and loved ones. It is going to be great fun as the new version is packed with new features and maps for a better gaming experience.

We hope this article is useful for you to download and install the latest 1.6.0 version of PUBG Mobile APK. So without wasting any time, install the latest version and start exploring the new game modes. Do share your reviews in the comments section below. Happy Gaming!

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PUBG BGMI 1.5.0 issues/Problems with Previous version

After the last PUBG Mobile 1.5 IGNITION update, a majority of the users are facing issues with sensitivity and controls. The game users have reported these issues and the same has been acknowledged by the game developer on Twitter as well. some of the issues faced by users are:

  • Many users have reported not receiving any updates for PUBG Mobile in Google Play Store.
  • Some users have reported that have faced very high sensitivity in the game after installing the 1.5 IGNITION update.
  • Some other users have reported that the use of Jump + Prone button at the same time is causing a change in movement/action.
  • There are also issues with controls for some users. They complain that the sprint button becomes smaller and is displayed close to the map while playing a classic match.

There is nothing to worry about if you are facing these issues because the good news is that PUBG BGMI is coming with a new update in mid-September to address all these issues. Not only does this update resolve these gaming issues but it brings a lot of new advanced features for players to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions about BGMI 1.5 & 1.6 Version

How to find the PUBG BGMI 1.6 update download link in India?

Is PUBG 1.6 Update APK, OBB File 742 MB available for Android & IOS versions?

Yes, PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update is available for Android & IOS.

Is the game 64 bit or 32 bit?

The PUBG game is 64 bit.

How big is the new Erangel map?

The Erangel map is an 8×8 km map.

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