Vidyanidhi Mission & Vision

Vidyanidhi Edcuation Mission and Vision
Vidyanidhi Mission & Vision

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How Vidyanidhi Was Started

  • Vidyanidhi began as a pilot project in the year 2000 with support from NISSAT, DSIR, Govt. of India and demonstrated the feasibility of the e-Theses program in India. With support from the Ford Foundation and also from Microsoft India, Vidyanidhi is evolving as a National Initiative.
  • The Ford Foundation support is specifically for focusing on doctoral theses in Social and Human Sciences.
  • The Microsoft support is for the implementation of Unicode for Indian Languages.
  • Vidyanidhi is a member of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD),, a global initiative with more than 170 members from different countries of the world.
  • Vidyanidhi is also part of UNESCO ( and ) efforts in this direction. Unesco supports ETD initiatives worldwide.

Vidyanidhi Vision

  • To evolve as a National repository and a collaborative consortium of participating universities and academic institutions.
  • To evolve as an online resource and a technical mechanism for the creation, submission, archiving, and accessing of Indian theses.

Vidyanidhi Mission

  • Develop a repository for Indian doctoral theses.
  • Digitize, archive and improve access to doctoral theses in India,
  • Make theses available online (as per the restrictions desired by the Doctoral Students) and help enhance the visibility of Indian Doctoral Research,
  • Offer tools and resources to strengthen and augment the research capacities of doctoral students and universities,
  • Enhance the quality of doctoral research in India by developing and using standard formats and templates,
  • Mould ‘best practices’ in scholarship and scholarly writing among students,
  • Prepare the doctoral students in e-publishing, e-scholarship, and digital libraries by offering training programs and online tutorials.

Join Vidyanidhi – Benefits to Universities:

  • Digitize your theses collection following a mutually agreed workflow.
  • Archive your theses collection according to global standards and specifications.
  • Catalog your theses collection and integrate the same with Vidyanidhi’s Indian Theses Database.
  • One copy of each thesis of your University in electronic/CD format will be given to your university and in addition, your students and faculty can have access to the same online at our website (…[email protected]).
  • Train your students in e-thesis preparation and digital libraries.
  • Offer access to many resources and tools- such as RefWorks- software for managing references for preparing a bibliography for theses and research papers.
  • Offer templates and samples for the writing of a thesis – so that these conform to standard practices.
  • Offer a variety of options with respect to access to theses, which is defined by the concerned University/Doctoral students/Guides. The options include:
  • Offer all the above at no financial burden to your university.

In return, the partnering university has to facilitate the following

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Vidyanidhi,
  • Require to submit Electronic version of Thesis along with the print version and incorporate the same in the Ph.D. rules and regulations of the University,
  • Follow a small number of mandatory standards with reference to formats and other aspects of theses,
  • Identify and designate an official/faculty of the university to be the coordinator for this collaborative project,
  • Facilitate the retrospective conversion of theses by providing access to your theses collection,
  • Facilitate the cataloging of your thesis collection by the Vidyanidhi team,
  • Identify and select doctoral research students for participation in the training program

Ph.D Students: An inviting opportunity

Every registered Ph.D student can register in Vidyanidhi to benefit from the services and facilities offered by Vidyanidhi.

  • Vidyanidhi welcomes you to fill out our metadata input templates and get included in our database.
  • Vidyanidhi will enable students to deposit their theses and archive them from anywhere, anytime.
  • Vidyanidhi is your publishing partner.
  • You do not have to physically carry your thesis wherever you go you can just access it anytime from anywhere.
  • Your theses will be available for access and use by future researchers, generations after generations.

Vidyanidhi Assurance

  • Copyrights of these rest with the authors of theses.
  • Students are free to publish their theses.
  • The University/doctoral students/Guides can define the restrictions of access to their theses.
  • Vidyanidhi will honor the wishes of the students/advisers regarding any restrictions that they may have regarding the level of access to their theses.

Vidyanidhi is currently involved in developing the following content

  • Indian Theses Database
  • Indian ETD collection
  • Indian Universities
  • Experts Database
  • Tools and Resources

Facilities in development

  • Manuals, ToolKits for Theses creation
  • Self-Archiving and Publishing Tools
  • Free access to software for managing bibliographies and references.

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