JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2022 – Jammu & Kashmir class 12 syllabus Pdf – Download here

JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2022 – JKBOSE Board has reduced the Class 12 syllabus by 40% for this 2022-2023 academic session. This Board will provide the JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2022 for the public exams conducted in February/ March 2022. Students must plan their studies accordingly in due time to pass this examination with high scores, as per the prescribed JKBOSE 12th syllabus.

Class 12 syllabus of JKBOSE has the list of the essential topics and their relevant marking scheme of each subject. Along with the JKBOSE 12th syllabus, students must have the marking system’s details to set their priority. Pupils are advised to download the JKBOSE 12th syllabus 2022 pdf and make an effective schedule to cover the entire topics with in the time.

JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2022 – Jammu & Kashmir class 12 syllabus

 JKBOSE 12th exams 2022 will be held for 3 streams: Science, Home Science, Humanities, and Commerce. Students can check the syllabus of some essential subjects in our article on Vidyanidhi and download the JKBOSE 12th syllabus 2022 from the link provided. Also, they can solve the JKBOSE 12th model question paper/previous question papers to score well. Read the complete article to check the importance of the JKBOSE 12th class syllabus pdf 2022.

 JKBOSE 12th class Examination 2022 syllabus – Overview

Exam NameJKBOSE 12th class examinations
Conducting BodyThe Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education (JKBOSE)
Frequency of ConductionOnce in an Academic Year
Mode Of ExamOffline
Exam Duration3 Hours
Question Paper Marks100 Marks (Theory Marks + Internal Assessments)
Negative MarkingNo Negative Marking
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Jammu & Kashmir - JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2022
Jammu & Kashmir – JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2022

Jammu & Kashmir Class 12 Subject-Wise Syllabus 2022

JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for English
  • Literature- 40 Marks
  • Reading Comprehension- 15 Marks
  • Writing Skills- 15 Marks
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Economics
Unit 1: Introduction4
Unit 2: Consumer Equilibrium and Demand18
Unit 3: Producer Behavior and Supply18
Unit 4: Forms of Market and Price Determination10
Unit 5: Simple Applications of Tools of Demand and Supply Curves (Non-Evaluative)
Unit 6: National Income and Related Aggregates – Basic Concepts and Measurement15
Unit 7: Determination of Income and Employment12
Unit 8: Money and Banking8
Unit 9: Government Budget and the Economy8
Unit 10: Balance of Payments7
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Mathematics
ChaptersMarks Distribution
Unit 1- Matrices & Determinants20 Marks
Unit 2- Limit and Continuity of a function12 Marks
Unit 3- Derivatives12 Marks
Unit 4- Application of Derivatives10 Marks
Unit 5- Integrals16 Marks
Unit 6- Differential Equations10 Marks
Unit 7- Statics10 Marks
Unit 8- Dynamics10 Marks
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Geography
Unit 1: Human Geography: Nature and Scope3
Unit 2: People5
Unit 3: Human Activities10
Unit 4: Transport, Communication and Trade10
Unit 5: Human Settlements5
Unit 6: Map work on Identification of features based on above units on the outline Political map of World2
Unit 7: People5
Unit 8: Human Settlements4
Unit 9: Resources and Development12
Unit 10: Transport, Communication and International Trade7
Unit 11: Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems4
Unit 12: Map work3
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Political Science
Unit 1: Cold war era in world politics7
Unit 2: Disintegration of the “Second World” and the Collapse of Bipolarity7
Unit 3: US Dominance in World Politics6
Unit 4: Alternative Centers of economic and political power4
Unit 5: South Asia in the Post-Cold War Era6
Unit 6: International Organization in a unipolar world5
Unit 7: Security in Contemporary World5
Unit 8: Globalization and Its critics5
Unit 9: Environment and Natural Resources in Global Politics5
Unit 10: Nation Building and It’s Problems5
Unit 11: Era of One-Party Dominance6
Unit 12: Politics of Planned Development5
Unit 13: India’s External Relations6
Unit 14: Challenge to and Restoration of Congress System5
Unit 15: Crisis of the Constitutional order7
Unit 16: Regional aspirations and conflicts5
Unit 17: Rise of New Social Movements.5
Unit 18: Recent Developments in Indian politics6
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Chemistry
Unit 1: Solid State4
Unit 2: Solutions5
Unit 3: Electrochemistry5
Unit 4: Chemical Kinetics5
Unit 5: Surface chemistry4
Unit 6: General Principles and Processes of Isolation of elements3
Unit 7: p-Block elements8
Unit 8: d- and f- Block elements5
Unit 9: Coordination Compounds3
Unit 10: Haloalkanes and Haloarenes4
Unit 11: Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers4
Unit 12: Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids6
Unit 13: Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen4
Unit 14: Biomolecules4
Unit 15: Polymers3
Unit 16: Chemistry in Everyday life3
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Computer Science
  1. Programming in C++- 30 Marks
  2. Data Structures- 14 Marks
  3. Databases & SQL- 08 Marks
  4. Boolean Logic- 08 Marks
  5. Communication and Open-Source Concepts- 10 Marks
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Physics
UnitsChapter NameMarks
2Current Electricity7
3Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetism8
4Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current8
5Electromagnetic Waves3
7Dual Nature of Matters4
8Atom & Nuclei6
9Electronic Device7
10Communication System5
JKBOSE 12th Syllabus for Biology
UnitsChapter NameMarks
1Reproduction in Flowering Plants7
3Biology & Human Welfare (Botany)7
4Ecology & Environment12
5Reproduction in Human11
6Genetics & Evolution in Human12
7Biology & Human Welfare (Zoology)7
8Biotechnology & its applications5

JKBOSE Class 12 Marking Scheme 2022

SubjectTheory marksInternal AssessmentExternal Examinations
Environmental Science701020
Informatics Practices701020
Computer Science701020

Importance of Jammu & Kashmir Class 12 Subjects

Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is a crucial subject, especially for an SSC Student; it is a mandatory subject to score for a better grade or total score in general. It also will be very beneficial in their higher studies.

Importance of Science

Since Science has both physical and biological science papers, one can easily aim for the highest score or the best grades. It will be beneficial If the student is thinking to enter the Medicine or Science stream in the future.

Importance of Other Academic Syllabus

Other subjects in the Academic syllabus helps students to improves their soft skills and also technical knowledge.

JKBOSE 12th exams 2022 Examination Preparation Tips

  • Studying early in the morning gives time to ample & review the materials covered in the school. 
  • Students should check with the syllabus copy frequently for the topics that have to be covered within the time and prepare their learning plan.
  • Candidates shall ask their instructors for material, conduct a mock test, and any other support/guidance.
  • One should review themselves to improve their understanding.
  • Revision of each topic is a must and should process. Candidates also need to spare sufficient time for revision.
  • Organize mock tests to determine the Candidates writing speed and to practice accordingly.

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FAQs on Jammu & Kashmir class 12 Revised Syllabus 2022

What are the passing marks in the JKBOSE 12th exams 2022?

Students must score at least 35 percent marks to pass the JKBOSE 12th exams 2022.

What is the JKBOSE 12th exam duration?

The exam duration for JKBOSE 12th is 3 hours.

Is the JKBOSE 12th syllabus 2022 reduced?

Yes, the board has reduced the syllabus by 40 percent.

Where can I download the 12th JKBOSE syllabus 2022?

You can download the class 12th JKBOSE syllabus 2022 from the official website or download it from this page.

What are the critical topics for the class 12th JKBOSE exam 2022?

Every topic which is mentioned in the class 12th JKBOSE syllabus 2022 is mandatory for the exam.

Steps on how to Download JKBOSE 12th Syllabus 2022

Exam appearing candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps to download the Jammu & Kashmir 12th syllabus from the Board’s official website.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of State board: jkbose.ac.in.
  • Step 2: In the primary menu block, click on the “Student” option then “Syllabus” and select “Class 12th”.
  • Step 3: Scholars are then required to click on the “Syllabus & the course of study for Class 12” link.
  • Step 4: Save the downloaded copy to your Pc, so that you can refer it even when you are offline.

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