MP Board 12th Syllabus 2023 – Madhya Pradesh Class 12 Board Syllabus Download here

MP Board 12th Syllabus 2023 – Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, will soon release the reduced Class 12 2023 exam syllabus. Students can download the revised Madhya Pradesh Board 12th class syllabus 2023 from this article. MP Board class 12 syllabus 2023 will be available on the Board’s official website.

MP Board 12th Class curriculum contains the subject-wise chapters and essential topics that all the scholars need to prepare. Before starting with their revisions, students must analyze the MP Board 12th syllabus 2023. They should also practice with Madhya Pradesh Board 12th sample/model papers 2023.

MP Board 12th Syllabus 2023

MP Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) will conduct the MP Board 12th class exams in March of this academic year. Students should aim to complete the MP Board 12th syllabus 2023 revision quickly, to have adequate time for revision and practice. Read the complete article till the end to know more about the MP Board syllabus of class 12th class.

MP Board Class 12 Examination 2023 syllabus – Overview

Exam NameMadhya Pradesh Class 12 Exam
Conducting BodyMadhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE)
Frequency Of ConductionOnce in an Academic Year
Mode Of ExamOffline
Exam Duration3 Hours
Question Paper Marks100 Marks (Theory Marks + Internal Assessments)
Negative MarkingNo Negative Marking
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Madhya Pradesh - MP Board 12th Syllabus 2022
Madhya Pradesh – MP Board 12th Syllabus 2022

Madhya Pradesh 12th class Subject-Wise Syllabus 2023

MP Board 12th English Syllabus
Text and Detailed StudyTwo Passages
Question and Answers
GrammarFunctional Grammar
FictionOne out of two questions
Five out of six questions
DramaOne out of two questions
Five out of six questions
ReadingUnseen Passage
Unseen Poem
Short Composition
Letter Writing
MP Board 12th Physics Syllabus
ElectrostaticsElectric field, electric flux, Electric potential, Conductors and insulators, etc.
Current ElectricityElectric current, Internal resistance of a cell, Kirchhoff ’s laws, Potentiometer, etc.
Magnetic Effects of Current and MagnetismConcept of the magnetic field, Force on a current, etc.
Electromagnetic induction and alternating currentFaraday’s law, induced emf and current, Alternating currents, AC generator and transformer etc.
Electromagnetic WavesElectromagnetic waves, Electromagnetic spectrum, etc.
OpticsReflection of light, Scattering of light, Optical instruments, Wave optics, etc.
Dual nature of matter and radiationPhotoelectric effect, particle nature of light, Matter waves, etc.
Atoms and nucleiAlpha, Composition and size of nucleus, etc.
Electronic DevicesSemiconductors, Junction transistor, etc.
Communication SystemsElements of a communication system, propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosphere, etc.
MP Board 12th Chemistry Syllabus
Solid StateClassification of solids, calculation of density of unit cell, electrical and magnetic properties, etc.
SolutionsTypes of solutions, depression of freezing point, abnormal molecular mass, etc.
ElectrochemistryRedox reactions, Kohlrausch’s Law, lead accumulator, etc.
Chemical kineticsRate of a reaction, rate law and specific rate constant, etc.
Surface ChemistryAdsorption, colloidal state, properties of colloids, emulsions – types of emulsions, etc.
General Principles and Isolation of Elementsconcentration, occurrence and principles of extraction of aluminium, etc.
P – Block ElementGroup 15, 16, 17 and 18 elements, etc.
D and f block elementGeneral introduction, Lanthanoids, Actinoids, etc.
Coordination compoundIntroduction, coordination number, bonding, etc.
Haloalkanes and HaloarenesHaloalkanes, Haloarenes, Uses and environmental effects of dichloromethane, freons, DDT etc.
Alcohols, Phenols, and EthersNomenclature, physical and chemical properties, uses, etc.
Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsNomenclature, methods of preparation, uses, etc.
Organic Compounds Containing NitrogenAmines, Cyanides and Isocyanides, Diazonium salts, etc.
BiomoleculesCarbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Nucleic Acids, etc.
PolymersNatural and synthetic, Some important polymers, nylon, polyesters, etc.
Chemistry in Everyday LifeChemicals in medicines, food and agents, etc.
MP Board 12th Biology Syllabus
Sexual ReproductionDevelopment of seeds and fruits, Production of gametes, Reproductive health, etc.
Genetics and EvolutionLinkage and crossing over, DNA, Evolution, Mendelian inheritance, etc.
Biology and human welfarePathogens, Parasites, Adolescence and drug, Animal husbandry, etc
Biotechnology and its applicationGenetically modified (GM) organisms, Applications in Health, etc.
Ecology and EnvironmentEcological adaptations, Ecosystems, Environmental issues, etc.
MP Board 12th Mathematics Syllabus
Relations and FunctionsTypes of relations, One to one and onto functions, Binary operations, etc.
Inverse Trigonometric Functionsdomain, principal value branches, Elementary properties of inverse trigonometric functions, etc.
Matricestypes of matrices, Concept of elementary row and column operations, etc.
DeterminantsAdjoint and inverse of a square matrix, Adjoint and inverse of a square matrix, etc.
Continuity and Differentiabilityderivative of composite functions, Logarithmic differentiation, Second order derivatives, etc.
Applications of Derivativestangents and normals, maxima and minima, Simple problems, etc.
IntegralsIntegration, Definite integrals as a limit of a sum, etc.
Applications of the Integralsespecially lines, arcs of circles/parabolas/ellipses, etc.
Differential Equationsorder and degree, Solution of differential equations, homogeneous differential equations, etc.
VectorsVectors and scalars, position vector of a point, Scalar (dot) product of vectors, etc.
Three-dimensional GeometryCartesian and vector equation of a line, Distance of a point from a plane, etc.
Linear ProgrammingThe objective function, different types of linear programming problems, optimal feasible solutions, etc.
ProbabilityMultiplication theorem on probability, Random variable and its probability distribution, Repeated independent trials, etc.
MP Board 12th Commerce Syllabus
Part NameUnit Name
Consumer Behaviour and Demand
Producer Behaviour and Supply
Forms of Market and Price Determination
Simple Applications of Tools of Demand and Supply Curves
National Income and Related Aggregates — Basic Concepts and Measurement
Determination of Income and Employment
Money and Banking
Government Budget and the Economy
Balance of Payments
MP Board 12th Business Studies Syllabus
Part NameUnit Name
Principles and Functions of ManagementNature and Significance of Management
Principles of Management
Business Environment
Business Finance and MarketingBusiness Finance
Financial Markets
Consumer Protection
Entrepreneurship Development
MP Board Accountancy 12th Syllabus
Part NameUnit Name
Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisations and Partnership FirmsAccounting Not-For-Profit Organization
Accounting for Partnership
Reconstitution of Partnership
Dissolution of Partnership Firm
Company Accounts and Financial Statement Analysis
(or) Computerised Accounting System
Accounting for Share and Debenture Capital
Analysis of Financial Statements
Statement of Changes in Financial Position
Overview of Computerised Accounting System
Using a Computerised Accounting System
Accounting Using Database Management System
Accounting Applications of Electronic Spreadsheet.
MP Board Geography 12th Syllabus
MP 12th Geography
Madhya Pradesh 12th Geography syllabus

MP Board History 12th Syllabus
MP 12th History
Madhya Pradesh 12th History Syllabus
MP Board Political Science 12th Syllabus
MP 12th Political Science
Madhya Pradesh 12th Political Science Syllabus

MP Board 12th class – Exam Pattern

Maximum Marks100
Time Duration3 Hours
Negative MarkingNo
Qualifying Marks33%

Importance of MP Board 12th class Subjects

Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is a vital subject, especially for an HSC Student; it is a mandatory subject to score for a better grade or total score in general. It also will be very beneficial in their higher studies.

Importance of Science

Since Science has both physical and biological science papers, one can easily aim for the highest score or the best grades. It will be beneficial, If the student is thinking to enter Medicine or Science stream in future.

Importance of Other Academic subjects

Other subjects in the Academic syllabus helps students to improves their soft skills and also technical knowledge.

MP Board 12th Syllabus 2023 – Important Tips

If used wisely, then the MP Board 12th syllabus can be useful to the students in many ways. Tips that were given below helps the students to use the MP Board Class 12 syllabus with effectiveness:

  • Pupils must go through the MP Board 12th syllabus before starting the preparations, helping them understand the curriculum.
  • Scholars must analyze the subject-wise chapters and topics given in the Madhya Pradesh Board 12th class syllabus. They should recognize how much time they must provide to each chapter to improve their preparations.
  • Exam appearing students must aim to complete the MP Board 12th syllabus at least three months before the exam, giving them ample time to practice and revise.

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FAQs on MP Board 12th – Reduced Syllabus 2023

How can I download the MP Board 12th syllabus 2023?

The scholars can download the Madhya Pradesh Class 12 Syllabus 2023 from Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education,

By when should I aim to complete the MP Board 12th syllabus 2023?

One must start preparing & aim to complete their Madhya Pradesh Board class 12 syllabus by the end of December, such that they have enough time for revision and practice.

 When will the MP Board 12th exams be conducted?

Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) might conduct the MP Board 12th exam in March 2023.

Is the MP board reduced syllabus 2023 21?

MP Board 10th, 12th Syllabus Reduction: Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, MPBSE reduced the syllabus of MPBSE 10th Board Exams 2023 and MPBSE 12th Board Exam 2023. The syllabus is diminished for the academic year 2022-2023 by around 30 percent, keeping competitive examinations under consideration.

Will the MP board follow Ncert?

The MP state education board has also prescribed all books and courses approved by the NCERT from class 9-12. Sources in the MP Board say that as the book and syllabus pattern is the same as the CBSE, the MP board will also replicate the decision.

Steps to Download the Madhya Pradesh 12th Syllabus 2023

Exam appearing candidates can download the Madhya Pradesh Board 12th syllabus by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the MP Board’s official website –
  • Click on the – Academics section in the menu bar.
  • Click on the New syllabus for higher secondary session 2023.
  • The MP Board 12th syllabus 2023 will appear on the screen.
  • Download the MP Board class 12 syllabus and save it on your device for further reference.

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