Note Making for Class 11, 12 Format, Examples, Sample

Introduction to Note Making:- Notes are a type of short written record of data that can be used to improve memory. Notes are generally taken while listening to a speech or dictation, or after reading a book, magazine, or article. They can be referred to at any time and duplicated in any form. Note-making is a more sophisticated writing ability that is becoming more important as the world of information expands. It is necessary to recall at least the most important aspects of any given subject. Making accurate notes is a difficult task that necessitates the use of various talents.

Making Notes in CBSE Format for Class 11 and 12

note-taking for class 11 and class 12

Note-taking is a more sophisticated writing skill that is becoming increasingly important as the world’s information expands. It is necessary to recall at least the most important aspects of any given subject. Making notes is a difficult task that necessitates the use of various talents. Note-taking is beneficial since it saves time, energy, and space at work, when attending a lecture at school or college, or at a meeting, for example. It gives us more confidence in our ability to revise the topic whenever we desire.

Because it is impossible to recall everything that is read or heard, note-taking entails recording the essential elements of what is read or heard.

How is taking notes different from summarising what you’ve learned?

Making notes and summarising are important academic skills. Notes have the purpose of filtering essential information and assisting us in remembering it. It also makes it easy to refer back to key topics in the future.

There are two components to the CBSE class 11 & 12 note-taking and summarising question. The first half of the question requires students to take notes from the supplied material, which they must then translate into a summary in the second section.

The significance of taking notes-

Although our knowledge is broad and limitless, our Mind is finite. We can’t possibly remember everything all of the time. As a result, taking notes is required. We can recollect all of the material we read/heard months ago with the assistance of notes. Students who are studying a variety of disciplines will benefit from taking notes. It is impossible to read large volumes during examinations. Notes come in helpful on such vital occasions. As a result, note-taking serves the following purposes:

  • It reduces the total amount of data to a reasonable quantity.
  • It covers the most important points, making it easier to read.
  • It aids in the comprehension of the notion.
  • It helps you revise quickly during exam time.

What are the benefits of taking notes?

We don’t just read the chapter or listen to the speech while taking notes, we analyze the writer’s/numerous speaker’s points and form our conclusions about what is being presented. As a result, taking notes assists us in better comprehending the text and organizing our ideas.

How to take notes?

The process of note making format includes the following subpoints-

  1. Headers and subheadings – The headers and subheadings are the most important parts of the document. The main ideas is reflected in the title, while the subheadings describe how it has progressed. The pupils’ understanding of the material is revealed by their choice of correct header and subheading. It is difficult to take notes without a thorough understanding of the main points and supporting details.
  1. Abbreviations and symbols – Abbreviations and symbols are used to represent something. They are beneficial in note-taking since they are utilized for accuracy and economy of words. In your board test, you must utilize at least four recognizable abbreviations when taking notes. Note-taking requires these elements. In performing their written work, students frequently utilize abbreviations and symbols.
  1. Note Making – The important information is provided in note form in points alone while taking notes. Because we can’t recall everything, we shouldn’t write notes while note-taking. As a result, only the most keywords are numbered and listed one after another. It refers to the use of figures, characters, dashes, and spaces to divide and subdivide the stated information logically with a suitable title.
  1. Indenting and numbering –  Indenting and numbering is a part where indentation refers to the practice of leaving a gap at the start of a line of print or writing. Write the main heading first, and then list the notes in a logical sequence. The numbering should be spaced a bit to the right from the major headings to the sub-headings. 

Passages of Different Types-

The sort of note-taking section might be any of the following:

Factual passage (550-600 words)- A factual passage contains information on a subject’s physical characteristics. Instructions, descriptions, and reports are all included. It assists pupils in developing a full mental picture of a certain person, location, object, or entity by providing a thorough view of the subject.

Analytical Passage (550-600 words)- Argumentative, interpretive, and persuasive writing all belong in an analytical paragraph. Opinions or feedback may be included in such paragraphs. It enables pupils to reach a conclusion based on logic and comprehension rather than intuition. It takes a balanced and impartial approach to the topic under discussion.

Various Question Types-

The Note-Making section of the exam has a word count of 550-600 words. There are two sorts of questions in it.

  1. Taking Notes on the Selected Text This is worth 5 points, with 3 points for the actual notes, 1 point for the title, and 1 point for the abbreviations mentioned (minimum 4 abbreviations). When answering this question, we can utilize titles, headers, subheadings, and abbreviations.
  2. Make a summary of the passage you’ve been given. The summary is worth three points. It must be grammatically correct and include all of the key topics from the notes. The summary should not exceed 80-100 words.

Effective Note-taking features –

  • Good notes must be brief and concise.
  • They must have all of the important details.
  • They need to be presented logically.
  • When consulted at a later time, they should be intelligible.

Note Making Examples & Samples –

Following is an example of note making format that explains important details-

  1. Everyone requires a vacation to unwind and change their surroundings. At the end of the vacation, vacationers are calm and rejuvenated, and they anticipate returning to work, whether at school, the workplace, or the factory, with renewed vigor. This is why all businesses provide yearly leave to their workers. Schools and colleges give their students an extended summer vacation when the academic year ends. This will continue until the next school year begins in early September. Naturally, the parents will want to take advantage of this and schedule their vacations around their children’s vacations. Most European countries, notably England, have adopted this holiday season as a custom.

The traditional holiday season in the United Kingdom achieves its pinnacle with the arrival of August, and most of the holiday destinations are fully booked. Some people prefer to start their vacation early to escape the crowds if the facilities allow it. Those who have already had their vacations may comfort themselves not only with joyful memories of days spent in the country, at the beach, or abroad, but also with the knowledge that their vacation costs are done for the year, and that they avoided the August rush by taking a vacation earlier.

The most important factor is, of course, the weather, which would be dangerous to predict. However, regardless of the weather, the core of a vacation for most people is the relaxed mood in which it may be enjoyed. “Take only what you need and leave your troubles at home,” is excellent advice for vacationers. It’s not always simple to get away from private concerns. Even the pessimist would concede that things are currently looking brighter than they have been.

Holidays are unquestionably a time for letting go of serious concerns and indulging in our favorite pastimes. True, we may not always be successful in locating them; in fact, some argue that the best part of the trip is that it allows you to appreciate home comforts more fully – a viewpoint shared by the elderly, no doubt, more than you.

(a) Make notes using headings and subheadings based on the above paragraph. Wherever possible, use easily identifiable acronyms. Also, come up with a good title.

(b) Using your notes, write a summary of the preceding passage with a word limit of 80 words.


(a) The significance of holidays

  1. Significance of holidays-
  • Holidays provide leisure for students and employees 
  • Companies provide yearly vacations 
  • Schools and Univ provide vacations in the middle of the summer 
  • Europe’s vacation season is in August-September.
  1. Aug-Sept peak holiday season I resorts are fully booked (ii) some people take vacations in August.
  1. A carefree atmosphere is the essence of vacations
  • The weather may be unpleasant 
  • Private worries are tough to overlook 
  • We shed worries during vacations 
  • Vacations make us appreciate home comforts more

Key to acronyms-

  • Univ- universities
  • Aug- August
  • Sept- September
  • Imp- important

(b) Vacations are significant in our lives because they allow us to rest. Summer vacation is granted by all workplaces and academic institutions. In Europe and England, the months of August and September are holiday months.

In August, most British tourist destinations are full. Some individuals start their vacations early to escape the crowds.

Even if private problems are tough to overcome, the most essential thing is to maintain a relaxed environment. During the holidays, we get a greater appreciation for the comforts of home.

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Making notes is a valuable skill. You must always practice to improve it. Notes are an important aspect of your academic life and will aid you in passing your School/Board exams. Cornell method is the very effective note-taking method

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