Notice Writing Format, With Topics, Examples, Samples

Notice writing format Introduction:- The act of conveying information from one location, person, or group to another is known as communication. A sender, a message, and a recipient are all involved in any communication. This may sound to be a basic concept, yet communication is a tricky subject. A wide variety of factors might disrupt the message’s transmission from sender to receiver. These factors include our feelings, cultural context, communication medium, and even geographic location. Employers all across the globe value strong communication skills since precise, effective, and unambiguous communication is difficult.

There are two types of communication i.e. Formal and informal communication. A formal model of communication includes notice writing. They’re usually pinned in public places so the target audience can see them. The main objective of notice writing is to make a group of individuals aware of a certain piece of information. It’s a popular mode of communication. It provides critical information about an event that is going to occur or has already occurred.

What is Notice Writing Format?

Notice Writing Formation
Notice Writing Format with Sample examples

Before understanding the format of notice writing, let understand what notice is. A notice is merely a statement or chunk of information in the form of a notice. Notices are typically published in newspapers, banners, periodicals, and other forms of media. It may be a notification about a forthcoming event, a competition lost and found notices or just some information to be conveyed to a specific audience. In most cases, it is written in a formal tone. The notices are straightforward and to the point. The language is straightforward and official, rather than ornate. They are displayed on bulletin boards in schools and other areas. The notification that is published in any magazine is solely intended for a certain set of individuals. Since the notification is a formal statement or piece of information, the language and tone used while composing it should always be official.

Notice Writing has a particular format that needs to be followed in order to be effective. Following is a brief description of the format used.

Format of notice writing – Importance of each Element explaining

  • Name of the Organization – It is mentioned at the top of the page to assist readers in determining who sent the notification. The name of the institution to which the person submitting the notice belongs or precisely the sender of the notice, is referred to as the name of the organisation.
  • Date – Considering notifications are formal communications, the date on which they are sent is crucial. The date should be provided in a clear and readable way. After leaving a gap, the date is written in the left corner of the notification.
  • Title or Subject of Notice – The title or subject of the “Notice” helps in driving the attention of the readers to inform them about the notice.
  • Heading – In a nutshell, the heading conveys the necessary information of what the notice is about. It is similar to writing the “subject” of an email which provides a summary or objective for the communication. The heading of the meeting should reflect the meeting’s substance.
  • Body of the Letter – The body of the notification should contain all of the necessary information, such as the event’s time, location, and date, and it should be written in a passive voice without using first-person pronouns. The primary information for which the notice was issued is covered in the body of the notice.
  • Authorized Signature – The signature of a person who has the power to sign on behalf of and bind the applicant is referred to as an authorised signature.
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Notice Writing Format, With Topics, Examples, Samples
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Here is a representation of the notice writing format-

Notice is always brief and to the point.

Notice Writing Formation
Name of the Organization/School/Institution/ issuing the notice notice

Issue Date of the Notice
Title or Subject of NoticeBody of the Notice: You must provide the following information in the text or body of your notice.LocationTimeTarget audienceAgenda

Authorized Signature
Name & Designation

Ideas for Writing a Proper Notice –

  1. To write good notice, always stick to the 50-word limit.
  2. At the top of the page, write the word NOTICE. This helps to drive the attention of the readers.
  3. The name and location of the institution, organization, or agency that is sending the notice should be mentioned clearly.
  4. Give it a good heading for the notice.
  5. Mention the date on which the notice was issued.
  6. Make it clear who your target audience is (for whom the notice is to be displayed).
  7. State the objective/purpose of the notice.
  8. Include all pertinent information (date, venue, time).
  9. The individual issuing the notice’s signature, name, and designation.
  10. Place the notice in a box.

Following are a few examples of Notice Writing for a better understanding of the format.

Some Examples of notice writing

  1. As Sports Secretary with the name Yash Shetty of St. Ursula School, Goa, prepare a notice for your school’s notice board in no more than 50 words alerting pupils about the sale of your school’s outdated sports equipment.
Sports Secretary
St. Ursula School 


Old Spoils Goods for SaleStudents are hereby notified that on 20th October 2021, our school will have a sale of its outdated sports equipment, such as cricket bats, badminton & lawn teams rackets, footballs, cricket & racquet clothing, and so on in the P.E. room. Interested students who wish to purchase these should come to the P.E. Room during their free periods or recess time on the designated date.

Yash Shetty,
Sports Secretary
  1. Write a notice in around 50 words as a librarian at Pawar Public School in Mumbai notifying the kids about a book exhibition that will be held in your school on Children’s Day. (2021)
Writing Notice to Police
Pawar Public School


Book Exhibition On Children’s day on the occasion of Children’s Day, our school will have a book exhibition in the school auditorium from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on 14th November 2021. Interested students can visit the auditorium within that time. At the book exhibition, our school library is giving a 50% discount on MRP on books purchased.

Thank You,
Pawar Public School
  1. You are Payal who is the head girl of Don Bosco School, Pune. Your school is planning an inter-school singing contest. Create a notice for your school’s bulletin board, asking all interested kids to sign up.
Inter-school singing contest
Don Bosco School


INTER-SCHOOL SINGING COMPETITIONOn Tuesday, 30th November 2021, at 12 p.m. in the school auditorium, our school will host an inter-school singing competition. More than 20 schools from throughout the city will take part in the event. Students interested in applying should email the undersigned by 10th November 2021.

Head Girl,
Payal Kulkarni
  1. You are the Secretary of Ramkrishna Apartment, Rajiv Khadye. You’re planning to hold a blood donation drive. Write a notice of no more than 50 words asking your society’s members to attend in great numbers for this worthy cause. Make a list of all the details you’ll need.
Ramkrishna Apartment

September 22nd, 2021

Blood Donation camp on October 2, 2021, from 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., our society will have a blood donation camp in the Sports Club. All necessary preparations will be made, including beverages and snacks for all donors. The camp is being run under the competent direction of the Holy Cross Society’s doctors and nurses. Residents are urged to ensure that this camp receives a large turnout by convincing their friends and family to volunteer for this great cause.

Rajiv Khadye
  1. You have found an expensive watch on the school playground. Make a note for the school notice board in no more than 50 words. You are Heeba Parker from 9th Standard,Khed
Holy Cross School,

1st October 2021

Found a Digital WatchDuring the 8th period, a black-colored Fastrack Digital watch was found on the school playground. During the lunch break, the owner should contact the undersigned in her class by this week. 

Heeba Parker, 
IX Standard

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