Report Writing Format With Samples, Examples for class 10 & 12

The report writing format is a way of presenting and organizing data. There are two main types of reports i.e. narrative and tabular. The narrative report is usually more descriptive while the tabular report is more statistical formation

There are many different formats for reports, but they all have the same basic elements: introduction, summary, body and conclusion.

It might be difficult to write an entire report. The format for writing a report can include academic, technical, business, or sales reports, as well as suggestions for certain activities. It usually gives information about a situation, process, or project that the author has carefully described and looked at. However, writing a report is more difficult than writing an essay since every component of the report is important in conveying a certain message. Aside from choosing the right words, it’s also important to stick to a certain style when writing a report.

The following is an example of a simple report format with some sample sections:

There is no single correct format for report writing. It depends on the type of report you’re writing. as well as your audience’s needs. However, there are some common formats that you can use as a starting point for your own report.

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Problem Statement
  • Background Information
  • Results/Findings/Recommendations
Report Writing Format

Report writing format Contain

In any sector, whether business or school, a magazine reports. The document must be correctly organized to provide a report that is easy to read. Though the structure of a report may vary based on the goal or policy of the business, there are a few elements that you may include in an ordinary format. There will be some main sections.

Title –

  • The structure of your report’s title section will be determined by the length of the document itself. Short reports may just include the author’s name, the date they were written, and any additional information considered essential. Long reports, on the other hand, may need specific pages for the table of contents and definitions of words.

Summary –

  • A summary is an important component of any long document. Readers should be able to refer to it for an outline of the report’s content. This part must include the important points, conclusion, and suggestions because some individuals prefer to scan through the summary rather than read the whole report. For the audience to understand, important information must be provided promptly in the report brief. To guarantee that all essential details are covered in the report, write this section towards the end of the writing process.

Introduction –

  • The problem at hand, as well as the goal of creating the report, should be explained in the report’s introduction. If you forgot to define words in the title pages, you may include them here. To provide readers with a basic overview of the report, an explanation of how the details are organized must also be included.

Body –

  • The body of your report is usually the longest and has the most pages. It might also be divided into sections with subtitles that support and expand on the report’s main points. These subparts may also differ based on the form of the report you’re working on. The most important data is usually placed first, with the least important data being last.

Conclusion –

  • Last but not least, this section ties it all together. Most individuals read this part to examine the facts and outcomes obtained in the report, much like they read the summary. It is critical to write a conclusion clear of complexity for this reason alone. You must offer your last views or comments on the issue at hand, rather than repeating everything you said throughout your report.

Recommendations –

  • This section of the report discusses any ideas or extra activities that need to be performed. Any limits or issues that you did not address in your report should be noted as well for future reference. The majority of the time, recommendations are provided in order of importance.

Appendices –

  • This part generally contains the technical relevant information of your report. This section is typically regarded as important for further research by experts on the subject. This might be in the form of a statistic, an explanation, or a bibliography.

And other are

  • Questions
  • Conclusions
  • Executive summary

Types of Report Writings

You may be required to produce several different reports. Each of them will use a structure similar to the above-mentioned format. Likewise, they are broadly classified into the following 6 types-

  1. Weekly Reports – A weekly report may be a one-pager or a longer report with particular changes. It is the type of report generated based on the data of the entire week. It is the type of report based on your progress on various initiatives and goals, that is beneficial to offer to your team. They constitute the main part of business reports.
  1. Annual Reports – An annual report will be the second type of report that is generated based on the data of the entire year. This would generally summarise a company’s development and performance during the previous year to inform managers and team members of the company’s success. Depending on who the report is for, it might cover everything from website statistics to sales earnings.
  1. Academic Reports – An academic report is written for a class, usually at a graduate or undergraduate level. This is written formally and explores a topic linked to the student’s academic pursuits. Such types of reports are mostly used for educational purposes.
  1. Sales reports and Marketing Reports – It’s critical to keep your staff informed on the progress of your sales and/or marketing strategy. It includes creating graphs that illustrate profit margins, increased engagement, and other metrics. These reports are also useful for determining if your methods are effective or need to be tweaked in the future.
  1. Project Reports – It is a type of report made to provide a progress report to clients and team members to keep them informed about the progress of the many projects you’re working on. It helps to keep everyone on the same page, give a chronology of your report’s progress as well as the deadlines for each part.
  1. Research Reports – When you need to perform some in-depth research, a research report is often the best method to convey the results. A research report is a fantastic method to convey your findings, whether they be scientific discoveries, facts, and statistics from a study, or anything else.
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  • Following are a few examples of a report that might help you in better understanding the format.

    Example 1:

    format of report writing regarding Republic Celebration in school:

    The students of St. Ursula School celebrated Republic Day with zeal and patriotism. Our pupils delivered hand-made greeting cards and tri-color flag badges to the school’s senior management officials on the morning of 26th January 2021.

    The school’s cultural performance began with everyone chanting “Vande Mataram,” followed by the chief guest, Mrs. Kishori Pednekar, the City Mayor, raising the flag.

    Students and instructors alike demonstrated the spirit of independence and nationalism through a variety of patriotic poetry, speeches, quizzes on liberation fighters, music, and dancing.

    Both staff and student instructors vowed to serve their motherland by spreading education and helping the community, as part of their commitment to nation-building. A presentation on India’s national flag’s historical development was displayed.

    The audience was educated by a documentary about the contributions of unsung heroes of the Indian freedom movement such as Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, etc.

    A handful of them spoke about the history and significance of Republic Day, as well as the unique highlight of this year’s events. It came to a close with the principal giving a lecture on the theme of “What laid the foundation of the constitution of India?” The event came to a close with the main madam’s encouraging comments, the National Anthem, and the presentation of refreshments.

    Example 2:

    Report for the press about traffic congestion in which you and many others were stranded for several hours.


    -Payal Sharma,

    30th October 2021

    Yesterday, on 29th October 2021, the main highway connecting our city’s two major suburbs had huge traffic congestion that stranded thousands of commuters for many hours.

    Around 5 p.m., people were coming back from the crowded road, including office workers, school buses from different schools, and shop owners. The traffic was moving nicely when, all of a sudden, the cars came to a complete stop. All of them were completely perplexed. There was no movement in the traffic at all. Many people were quickly enraged. People’s patience started to wear thin, and there was arguing, loud talking, and even a few angry people getting out of their cars. Everyone was fuming because they couldn’t figure out what had caused the traffic congestion. People were rushing to get where they needed to go, yet there was not a single traffic cop in sight.

    Then a group of ecstatic kids rushed in and began cleaning the area. They arrived at the starting point of the stop. In a wrecked automobile, a severely injured individual was discovered unconscious. Onlookers quickly recognized the situation and dispatched an ambulance. The ambulance arrived shortly after, followed by the cops. The traffic was cleared in two hours. But, eventually, the injured individual was transported to the hospital in an ambulance, the police picked up the wrecked automobile, and the traffic flowed again.

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