NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 1 to 12 pdf

NCERT books are textbooks issued by the National Council of Education, Research, and Training for classes 1 to 12. Commonly known as CBSE board textbooks, the books come with problem sets and exercises at the end of every chapter.

What are NCERT solutions?

NCERT Solutions

NCERT solutions are study materials for students to provide them with an in-depth knowledge of the concepts covered in the NCERT textbooks. A good NCERT solution includes chapter-wise solutions explaining every topic and emphasizing a special focus on the important ones.

The solutions break up answers into steps to prepare a student to secure good marks in examinations. It compels a student to think and brainstorm answers and does not just spoon-feed them.

The NCERT solutions are emphatically prepared by subject experts to ensure students get the knowledge they need to aspire to their goals. They help students to visualize and critically think about the subject matter and its importance.

The competitive examinations like NEET, JEE Mains, and JEE Advanced follow the syllabus given by NCERT books for their questions. These books provide the basic knowledge for every topic to build a strong foundation before students shift their attention to advanced reading.

The ministry of Human Resource Development has stated that JEE will take suggestions from the NCERT books and the technique used in framing their questions.

The topics covered in the book are fabricated to clear the conceptual knowledge of a student. Solving an NCERT is very important for getting a rudimentary idea of the subject matter.

There are a lot of examples in every chapter to educate a student in a true sense. The application-based study helps an individual link theory to the real world for a better understanding.

NCERT solutions in PDF Format Download

Free NCERT solutions are available online on various sites. They come in pdf formats and are very easy to access.

Along with solutions to questions, in these solution pdfs, there are several guides on how to effectively read and conceptualize a subject matter methodologically. These solutions also provide NCERT exemplar solutions, previous year question papers, and model question papers.

The pdfs are downloadable files to help a student keep them on their devices for an easy approach. The solutions are updated by the websites regularly, according to the latest CBSE guidelines to assist a student throughout their academic journey.

They keep up with the changes in the syllabus and pattern of questions along with additional instructions and updates in solution prototypes.

The advantages of these solution PDFs are:

  • The language used in these solutions is very easy to comprehend, allowing a student to clear their concepts easily.
  • Most pdfs come in sections. The chapter-wise categorization of the solutions helps a student to effortlessly swipe through the contents and choose the chapter they want a solution to.
  • Explanations are given alongside each answer in the solution pdf to help a student understand and decode a topic better.

Class-wise solutions to NCERT Textbooks:

Here on this page, you can find All class – NCERT solutions

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Benefits of the NCERT solutions

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of NCERT solutions for students:

  • Ncert solutions strengthen a student’s fundamental knowledge. With the well-researched and structured answers, the NCERT solutions link the topics covered in the books to the questions asked in the examination.
  • They help a student prepare for examinations with ease as the solutions are formulated most scientifically.
  • The solutions are prepared in such a way as to give an in-depth knowledge about basic concepts and to brush up knowledge about some advanced topics. This helps a student prepare for competitive examinations like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, KVPY, and NEET.
  • Several postgraduate entrance examinations like CAT, MAT, and BITSAT follow the NCERT structure and syllabus for framing their questions and these solutions play a key role in preparing a student.
  • These solutions develop a sense of logic and reasoning and help a student to solve questions on their own very easily. Along with solutions to questions, additional practice sets are provided at the end of every chapter to assist a student better in their preparation.
  • The solutions are explained with examples and illustrations to help a student naturally grasp concepts. Students are always advised to solve questions in the order of short to long questions.

The solutions help a student coach themselves for examinations quicker and more effectively.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10

Class 10 CBSE examination is the first major examination in a student’s life. These detailed solutions for the questions are easy to understand and are well planned to assist a student in scoring efficiently.

The subjects offered by the CBSE board include Maths, English, Science, Social Science, and many more.

The link to class 10 students’ NCERT solutions: –

NCERT Solutions for Class 12

Mentioned here are some common subjects and some tips and tricks on how to prepare them in the right way.

Class 12 Maths Solutions

12th class maths:- The NCERT maths solutions are created by some of the top mathematical professionals to provide a thorough knowledge of the concepts. In the solution, there are more than one mentioned ways to arrive at an answer.

It also includes tips and tricks to solve mathematics problems faster and more efficiently. There are suggestions to mentally work out the problems. This not only helps to obtain better grades in boards but also helps to crack competitive exams easily (where time plays a great factor). By thoroughly going through the solutions, a student can solve even the most complex problems in a very short time frame.

The solutions to questions come with descriptions of each step to help a student properly understand the problems and their application. It gives a clear-cut idea of how to scientifically memorize formulas and concepts.

The methodology used does not make education monotonous and tries to retain a student’s interest in the subject.

Students from all boards can benefit from the NCERT books and their solutions. They act as a reliable source of preparation for competitive examinations all over India.

Here’s the link to class 12 maths NCERT solutions:

Class 12 Physics Solutions

For science stream students, physics is one of the main subjects. For this subject, a student needs to develop a sense of problem-solving attitude. In the CBSE board examinations, there are both theoretical and practical examinations.

The solutions compel a student to think critically and answer accordingly. The NCERT physics book is the only book followed by the board. So to secure a high percentile, a student must go through every topic and every question in detail. The length of the answers depends on the marks allotted for each question.

Subject experts carefully scrutinize and bring forward the most scientific approach to any question. Extra efforts are taken to make students understand each formula using a lot of examples and real-life examples.

The link to class 12 physics NCERT solutions:

Class 12 Chemistry Solutions

Another important subject of the students of the science stream for boards and competitive examinations is chemistry which is divided into physical, organic, and inorganic parts. These three sections focus on different areas and one should have a vivid knowledge of what kind of questions to expect in the examination.

The physical chemistry part emphasizes numerical and formulas. The inorganic part, the easiest of the three, focuses mainly on chemical reactions. The organic chemistry part has the most number of questions. This too focuses on equations and the logic behind them.

To secure higher percentages, it is always recommended to go through the NCERT textbooks first before reading any reference textbooks.

Solved problems and examples of the NCERT book and the solutions provided by different websites de-fogs a student’s concept thoroughly. At the end of these solutions, there are quick tips to by-heart these equations with ease.

Link to class 12 chemistry NCERT solution:


In this subject, there are a variety of things to remember. The questions in the board examinations consist of diagrams, a lot of terms, and definitions. The solutions provide a student with several footnotes and short notes to remember a concept better.

Given below is the link to the class 12 NCERT biology solution:

Business studies

The solution has charts and short notes in order to help a student learn the concepts and remember them better. The lengthy questions are sorted into important points and details. This helps a student to easily complete a paper without the need to write very long answers.

Here’s the link to class 12 business studies NCERT solution:


The solutions and definitions are written using economic terms. Where economics does not have the problem of writing lengthy answers, examiners seek to-the-point and brief answers along with the right keywords.

It solves the NCERT questions along with yearly questions to give you an overview of the question pattern and the correct method to answer those questions.

Mentioned here is the link to the class 12 economics NCERT solution:


The subject is a technical subject and requires logic to decrypt the questions. The solutions help a student develop a sense of reasoning and answer questions likewise. The method used to solve the questions assists students to understand concepts and recognize the why’s to every question.
The link below directs you to an online class 12 accountancy NCERT solution:


The class 12 English solutions include questions from previous years and several other solved questions. The length of the answers depends on the marks provided for the questions. The concepts are efficiently put together in the form of a solution to maximize a student’s hypothesis.

The link to the class 12 English NCERT solution is:

Political science

The subject requires a student to remember as much information as an individual can in order to secure higher grades. The solutions created by subject experts focus on building interest in the subject and retaining it throughout the learning period.

Along with solved questions and examples, the solution summarizes each topic to help a student prepare better during and before examinations.

Here’s the link to the class 12 political science NCERT solution:

Tips to scoring well in CBSE Class

Though the NCERT books are adequate to grasp knowledge and perform well in your class examinations, for board examinations, that is class 10 and 12, you need to study certain reference books for more complicated areas.

The NCERT solutions provide a basic overview of the types of questions a student is going to face in their board examinations which helps them to take better preparation.

Try to stick to the textbook and follow the solution pattern provided in the solutions as the board follows the NCERT standard of questions. It is always recommended to first solve for oneself and seek the help of the solution when there are confusion and difficulties.

The solutions always use the most effective procedure to solve questions. Check the steps used to solve certain complicated questions for a better understanding.

Some NCERT Frequently Asked Questions

Which website is best for NCERT solutions?

There are a lot of websites offering NCERT solutions in the form of pdf on the internet. Always verify before downloading the solutions. Check with your teacher to confirm the solutions.

Some of the popular sites presenting NCERT solutions are,, to name a few.

Can you get a free NCERT?

Ncert textbooks are available for free on their official website. There are many third-party websites offering free NCERT as well.

Is the NCERT solution app free?

Yes, NCERT solution apps are free. You don’t need to make any additional payments to view and download the solutions from the websites and apps.

Is there any app for NCERT books?

Yes, there are several apps and websites for availing of NCERT books.