International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) 2023 Exam Registration, Key dates, Eligibility Criteria – Level 1, 2

IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad), conducted every year by the SOF, helps students test their mathematical skills by competing with students across the country. Before going into the specific details, one should have a brief idea about this Olympiad Exam. IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) is a mathematics-based test conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation – SOF. This Olympiad is to recognize and support students who can be a future scientist or technologists. IMO helps these scholars to compete with other students from across the country or even the world at International Levels. It helps them judge their mathematical skills. The results of the IMO give students an idea of their academic growth. A Student Performance Report (SPR) received after participating in the Olympiad provides a detailed analysis of the student’s performance.

The IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) identifies and encourages children’s mathematical creativity in schools across India and abroad. The SOF International Mathematics Olympiad at two levels, i.e. Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 will be for students of Classes 1st to 12th. Moreover, level 2 will be for Classes 3rd to 12th. Candidates must register themselves from their respective schools only. To know more on SOF IMO 2022 – 2023, go through this article.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) 2023 Exams

Students can apply for the SOF IMO exam from their respective schools only. Individual registrations are not accepted. A minimum of 10 students’ needs to enroll from each school for SOF IMO. During 2022-2023, SOF will conduct the IMO Exams online at students’ homes’ comfort. Class 1 – 12 are considered eligible to participate in IMO; a minimum of 10 students gets short-listed from each school. Candidates can check various dates about 14th International Mathematics Olympiad – IMO 2022-2023 from the table given below. 

NOTE: All exams will be administered on Weekends to ensure students do not miss out on their online classes, and younger kids will have their parents’ support to log in for exams. On selected Saturdays and Sundays, exams will be conducted class-wise, in different time slots. The conducting authority will share the examination timings separately.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) 2022-2023 – Overview

We talk about all the relevant information in the table below.

Exam Conducting BoardScience Olympiad Foundation (SOF)
Exam NameInternational Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)
Frequency of exam conductionAnnually
EligibilityClass 1 to Class 12
Application fee125rs (Offline)
Exam Duration1 hour
Mode of Exam ConductionOnline (Due to Covid Pandemic)

IMO Eligibility Criteria

Class 1 – 12 students who want to assess their academic level in terms of Mathematics is eligible to apply for IMO. All the participants first appear for the Level 1 exam qualifying, making them suitable for the Level 2 exam.

IMO Level 1 Eligibility

Students from class 1 -12 can apply for the Level 1 exam irrespective of their academic marks. The eligibility criterion is beneficial in increasing the participation of a large number of students. Class 1 to 12 school students pursuing education within the country or abroad can be a part of the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Level 1 exam.

IMO Level 2 Eligibility

Only the students who performed well in the Level 1 exam get short-listed for the Level 2 exam. The following students will be eligible:

  • From each class, the top 5% of students will qualify for the Level 2 exam
  • Full 25 zone wise and category wise rank holders will also be eligible
  • Class toppers from each school participating should enrol at least ten students from a class in the exam and score 50% qualifying marks.
  • In case of section-wise registration, the top rank holder will be eligible for Level 2

However, note that the Class 1 and 2 students don’t need to appear for the Level 2 exam. They judge the pupil’s performance based on the Level 1 exam only.

IMO Olympiad important Key dates

EventKey dates
IMO Level 1Set A: 26th & 27th Dec 2023
Set B: 2nd & 3rd Jan 2023
Set c: 23rd & 24th Jan 2023
Level 1 exam resultDecember – January 2023 (Tentatively)
IMO Level 2February – March 2023 (Tentatively)
Level 2 exam resultMarch – April 2023 (Tentatively)
IMO exam date / Key date 2022
Level 1 Exam date 2022- Image

How does a scholar benefit by participating in IMO Olympiad? 

Participants of these IMO Olympiads are ranked based on the marks they obtain. After the first level of the test, students can judge themselves at four different levels – within the school, city level, at the zonal level and the International level.

All the students would get a Student Performance Report (SPR). The SPR determines the student’s strong and weak performances and gives a detailed performance comparison of the students from other students at School, City, Zonal and International level. This analysis will also provide an analysis of the students past ten years of performance.

International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) – Awards

Top performing students will get awarded in Level 1 and Level 2 exam prizes on zonal, district and international level. Schools, exhibiting a good performance, will be rewarded too—the details about the various IMO awards, listed in a tabular form below.

Awards for Students

Participating students will receive various awards based on the ranks they achieve. You can find further information including selection criteria for awarding, number of awards & all the reward details below.

Awards for level 2 of classes 1 and 2

International Level

Rankawardstotal no. of awards
1stGold Medal + INR 50,000 Each + Certificate of Outstanding Performance12

2ndSilver Medal + INR 25,000 Each + Certificate of Outstanding Performance12
3rdBronze Medal + INR 10,000 Each + Certificate of Outstanding Performance12

Zonal Level

rank awardstotal no. of awards
1stGold Medal + INR 5000 Each + Certificate of Zonal Excellence240
2ndSilver Medal + INR 2500 Each + Certificate of Zonal Excellence240
3rdBronze Medal + INR 1000 Each + Certificate of Zonal Excellence240
4th to 10thMedal of Distinction + Gifts worth INR 1000 Each +
Certificate of Distinction + Certificate of Zonal Excellence
11th to 25thMedal of Distinction + Certificate of Zonal Excellence +
Certificate of Distinction +
26th and aboveCertificate of MeritAll

Awards for Level 1 performance

RankAwardstotal no. of awards
1 to 25Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction240
26 and aboveCertificate of ParticipationAll

Awards at Schools

Top performing schools are also felicitated with various awards. The tables below talk in depth about various awards for schools participating in the Olympiad.

At International level

Categoryawardstotal no. of awards
Best PrincipalTrophy + INR 25000 Each + Citation10
Best TeacherTrophy + INR 10000 Each + Citation10

At Zonal Level

categoryawardstotal no. of awards
Best PrincipalTrophy + INR 10000 Each + Citation100
Best TeacherTrophy + INR 5000 Each + Citation60

At District Level

categoryawardstotal no. of awards
Best PrincipalTrophy + INR 2500 Each + Citation500
Best TeacherTrophy + INR 1000 Each + Citation500

IMO Student Performance Report (SPR)

Students who are participating in IMO are also given a Student Performance Report – SPR. It is a detailed report that shows the performance of each scholar in the Olympiad Exam. SPR is so beneficial for students and their parents as it provides extensive performance analysis. An SPR can help students understand & explore their strengths and weaknesses and give a chance of correcting them early. There are six different sections in the SPR:

  • Section A: Score achieved by the student and the ranking at School/City/Zone/International level.
  • Section B: Section-wise performance/ Exam Marks of each learner.
  • Section C: Answers are given by the student, compared with other students, corrects the answers to the questions asked in this test.
  • Section D: Percentage – score analysis of a student with a comparison with the Class, City, Zone and International level
  • Section E: Average marks analysis comparison for students at the School, City, Zone and International level
  • Section F: Student’s performance in the Olympiad exams in the last eight years

Result declaration of IMO (Level 1 & 2)

The Olympiad results are usually declared within eight weeks of the examination. Students can collect their products from their respective schools as the SOF sends the results directly to the registered schools. Alternatively, students can also check their effects on the official website of SOF. The exact dates for the IMO result declaration are subject to the discretion of SOF. However, results are usually announced tentatively by December – January for Level 1 and for Level 2 by March – April.

FAQs on International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

How does a country get qualified to be invited to the International Mathematical Olympiad?

To participate in the International Level, the procedure is as follows:

1. The Education Ministry of the country, and the country’s National Mathematical Association, will send a formal letter of invitation (application) to send an Observer to the next IMO. The letter of application should address the Secretary of the IMO Advisory Board, at the address below.

2. The application should include the information/details on how the country intends to select and prepare the event’s national team. Copies of national Mathematical Olympiad papers, for example, should be included. It should also include any other relevant information, such as participation in regional Mathematical Olympiads.

3. The application gets considered by the IMO Advisory Board. If the Observer status application is approved, the next IMO’s host country will invite the government to send an Observer or Observers (should be adults) to the IMO Organization. The country will be accountable for paying all costs involved, including the travelling allowances, and the relevant accommodation prices as instructed by the host country.

4. At the IMO the Observer will gain a great deal of insight into how the IMO runs, the standards expected of participating countries, and how other countries select and train their teams.

5. With the host countries’ agreement for the following two years, full membership of the IMO is then granted for the next year by the IMOAB.

Is it worth it to get good at math Olympiads?

It develops your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Being able to think out of the box is a crucial skill, which most people lack, and it will help you advance faster and learn better later in life. It helps you connect seemingly different concepts, which is extremely helpful in university, especially if you want to study math/programming/natural sciences.

Why is IMO not a highly preferred Olympiad by the general public?

Mathematics generally doesn’t capture the imagination of the general public like sports do. Mathematics isn’t a spectator activity. The IMO is limited to people under a certain age whereas the sports Olympics allow all ages to compete–albeit athletes do tend to be young.

How can I apply for the IMO Olympiad in India?

The detailed prosses of enrolling IMO Olympiad is given below, or you can refer the Official website of SOF Organization to know the rules & regulations of the applying for this Olympiad Exam.

How to register for IMO Olympiads exam 2022-2023?

The students of classes 1 – 12 can enroll for IMO through their respective schools. One can follow the below steps to use-

  1. Registration forms would get posted to the schools, that registered with SOF organization before itself.
  2. If that particular school has not yet registered with SOF, they can request the prospectus by contacting SOF at their official website – [email protected].
  3. Every scholar must fill the registration forms with the required information and submit them to their educational institutes.
  4. The schools must return the duly filled registration forms of the students to SOF before the last date.

Applicants must note that they also need to pay a registration fee for applying for IMO. The price is in the following manner-

  • The registration fee for the Indian schools is Rs.125 (including GST).
  • The registration fee for International schools is USD 9 (including GST).
  • Schools may collect an additional amount of Rs.25. USD 1 for International schools per student towards honorarium in charge, guide using study material supplied by SOF, remuneration to teachers for teaching and other miscellaneous expenses.

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