NSO Level 2 Sample Paper class 3 to 12 2022- Previous Question paper PDF

NSO is a Competitive exam administered every year for school students. The students competing in the Olympiad are ranked based on marks scored in it. Based on these marks, the scholars can judge themselves within the school, at the city level, the zonal level, and the international level. During 2022-2023, SOF exams will be conducted online at the house of students

The National Science Olympiad conducts at the two-level. Participants of the Olympiad are ranked based on marks gained by them. The students from class 1 & class 2 will not be required to take the level-2 exam, and level-2 is only conducted for students of grade 3 to grade 12. If you are looking for thorough details on NSO, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will talk in detail about SOF NSO eligibility, key dates, application procedure, results, and awards.

NSO Level 2 Sample Paper Class 3 to 12

The Study Materials will explain from scratch. It is the primary stage of knowledge for every primary school student. Similarly, students guided in such a way that they can appear with little basic knowledge. Every competitive exam requires simple knowledge to clear the exams effortlessly.

Sample papers are specimen papers which are specially designed to give an insight into the type and format of the content and the product. An effort has been made to acquaint you to the feel, flow, features and reports of the product through the sample papers.

National Science Olympiad Sample Paper -Overview

Conduction BodyScience Olympiad Foundation
CategoryExam Schedule
Mode of DeclarationOnline
EligibilityClass 3 to Class 12
Download linkNSO level 2 sample paper 2022-2023 get here
NSO level 2 sample paper of class 3 to 12 2022 (sofworld.org)
NSO Level 2 Sample papers/previous year question paper 2022- Image

National Science Olympiad (NSO) Model papers

We will help you to gain a better understanding of the subjects and guide you through obtaining a fair percentage for your forthcoming examinations. We have a set of NSO previous years Question papers and Solving them would help you to understand the essential topics, types of frequently asked questions, marking scheme, time management etc. Daily practice of these sample papers would also increase your speed and efficiency and helps the students to calculate their progress.

NSO Level 2 of Classes 3 to 12 Sample papers


ClassDownload link
NSO Class 3View/Download
NSO Class 4View/Download
NSO Class 5View/Download
NSO Class 6View/Download
NSO Class 7View/Download
NSO Class 8View/Download
NSO Class 9View/Download
NSO Class 10View/Download
NSO Class 11View/Download
NSO Class 12View/Download

Marking Scheme OF NSO Level 2 exam

Students who are appearing for NSO Level 2 examinations must be well aware of the NSO marking scheme and exam pattern to familiarise themselves with the frequently asked questions (FAQs). Students are Supposed to score marks to pass the NSO Level-2 exams. The exams timings for NSO is 1hr.

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NSO Olympiad Exam Tips and Strategies

  • Before preparing for NSO 2022 exams, be sure to gather all the information like syllabus, exam pattern, admit card, Sample paper, etc. It will help you to keep stable your mind and reduce the burden for preparation on the exam day.
  • Most of the students don’t mind to read the sample papers, but it is vital to do where you will be able to judge which topics to prioritize before others. Go through the Sample paper and exam pattern for NSO 2022 deliberately and make records of the mark’s placement.
  • After done with the exam pattern and syllabus, you need to put all the data in a study plan which gives your studies a method. 
  • Making a study plan will make you avoid wasting any precious time by giving time for your day-to-day activities.
  • It is essential to practice every topic you complete through sample papers or previous year’s question papers.
  • Give time to yourself and try to solve the questions in the shortest time as possible so that you will have time for the revision in the exam.
  • Pupils must remember to take time to time breaks and eat healthy food while preparing for National Science Olympiad 2022. Only if you are fit, you will be able to perform your best. Keep the tension at bay by engaging in your daily activities, taking naps, or exercising while preparing for the exam.

Benefits of National Science Olympiad (NSO)

  1. Olympiads give a boost to students’ reasoning abilities.
  2. It helps students to value their capabilities and has a better idea of their own.
  3. They help students to overcome their weaknesses.
  4. Olympiads challenge students’ intellect in such a way that it promotes a deeper understanding of scientific facts.
  5. They sharpen the students’ analytical skills.
  6. Participating at the national or international level provides students with a different level of expression.

FAQs on NSO Sample Papers 2022

What is the cutoff score for NSO?

SOF releases the NSO cutoff score on its official website. We will renew the final cutoff marks for National Science Olympiad exam 2022-2023 on vidyanidhi. So, keep visiting this page.

What are the benefits of doing NSO Sample Papers?

National Science Olympiad sample papers are specially designed to make students knowledgeable of the exam pattern. You can solve these papers and get data about the types of questions asked.

Are NSO Sample Papers free to download?

Yes, you can download National Science Olympiad sample papers and previous year’s questions for free on our page.

What questions will be asked in NSO Olympiad?

National Science Olympiad questions are of objective type and are mainly conceptual. You can solve NSO sample papers to get an idea of the questions asked.

Steps to Download NSO Level 2 Sample papers

Follow the steps given below to know and how to download the NSO level 2 sample paper PDF. We have provided the information on the download steps of NSE Sample papers.

  • Step 1: Open the link given on this page or visit the official website of SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation) given below
  • Step 2: Official website: sofworld.org
  • Step 3: As you open the link you will be redirected to sample papers of the selected class
  • Step 4: Now you can download or take print of the sample paper or previous years question paper
  • Step 5: As the sample paper is now downloaded prepare to solve the questions in that paper to get a grip on the exam pattern.

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